Monday, 23 February 2015

Congratulations to the lady upholsterer

Our youngest daughter Nicola has just come back from an intense professional upholstery course and we couldn't believe the transformation that she achieved, with the chair in the above pic, I don't think Skooby the cat is going to be quite as impressed as we were as she won't be enjoying the comfort of the new! 

                                                      And voila! a remarkable transformation

Complete with Swarovski chair buttons. I couldn't resist showing you this as I think it"s brilliant !

Friday, 6 February 2015

Birthday Girl

Our gorgeous little granddaughter was one today, how time flies....

I think even she was surprised as daddy sent an email this morning saying that she'd said "Is it really my birthday"   :-)

Well it was a bit confusing for her as she shared a birthday tea with her Granddad a couple of weeks ago, he's the second oldest of our dynasty, I'm the oldest but I know you won't tell anybody :), and Pippa's the youngest.

She certainly made herself at home and couldn't wait to make friends with all her cousins.

And meeting up with all her aunties, who needless to say jostled for the most cuddle time, I barely got a look in.

And the of course there were all those presents, but that card really was a winner.

Happy Birthday darling girl, I know you''ll have had a lovely day, love from Nanny and Granddad xxx