Monday, 28 June 2010

French holiday pics

At last my feet have finally touched terra firma after our wonderful French holiday and I have been able to process a few more pics.


france 2010  We started our holiday in the Loire valley with one of our daughters and her family, and here they are minus big brother, who thought it would be far too boring to come with us, so stayed behind, girl watching with his cousin.

We spent a lovely day at this chateau, which was completely unsupervised and relied on trust that visitors would be respectful. As a result we had an amazing insight into life as it would have been lived in the 17oo’s.

In the attic rooms we found a beautiful old school room which kept the youngest member amused, even if we did think the hat might mean something to do with bad behaviour.fin school  I was also lucky enough to spend my actual b/day on holiday, so of course we had to have a champagne celebration. And presents.061 copyfrance w4

The birthday cake was good too :-)fincake  We followed my birthday celebrations with a visit to afin school

local village with lots of lovely art/craft shops  but they were mostly shut as it was Thursday………….. shame.

IMG_4284 copy

And then there was my summer residence to visit of course. I  wish.

How about these lovely curtains, they’re all over the region, but these were behind coloured glass, beautiful.



IMG_4286 copy






Finally before we left we popped into the village church and were stunned to find these amazing wall paintings.

IMG_4293 copy   IMG_4304 copy

I’m trying out Windows Live Writer for the first time, so I’m hoping it will publish this post Ok. It’s nice to see how your post looks with the pics and i think it’s a bit quicker too.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Home again

We're back again, after a wonderful 3 week trip to France, the Loire Valley and the Nomandie, Brittany coast.

I took over 1000 pics so that'll keep me quiet for a while, did a bit of sketching and journaling and used my new mini sewing machine to make accessories for our new van, Connie.

This is just a preliminary post as I've been busy catching up on coursework on my other blog here, here's a taster of what I'm up to.

And a couple of holiday pics of my favourite chateau, Chambord, I'm in love with it.

And of course a pic of the sea.

Will post again soon.