Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Moving North.....slowly

We're now on the last part of our trip moving slowly northward, and our first stop was this lovely lake. 

We spent a couple of days just chilling out, enjoying the luxury of electric hook up and internet access, which was on offer at the lakeside tourist information office. While we were there I came across a flyer for the work of this amazing Russian born artist Nicolai Greschny. Fortunately for us one if the churches he had decorated with his work was on our route. 

This was the scene that met our eyes on entering Notre Dame d'Alban. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up as I looked around at the spectacle. Every surface was coverd with his beautiful paintings. 

Here are just a couple of the shots I took. 

Our next stop was one of France's most spectacular treasures, Conques, not only does it have an amazing Abbey but the architecture of some of the other buildings is stunning. 

The Abbey interior was pretty spectacular too.

I was trying to sketch these arches when I was lucky enough to hear someone practicing a piece on the organ. The sound was incredible. 

This is probably the Abbyey's most famous attribute and is part of a frieze over the main door. It depicts the Last Jugement.

We have now returned to one of our favourite towns, Martel, more churches, more sketching and collecting walnuts, plus their soft outer shells for winter dyeing on the wood burner :-) 

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

From the Tarn to the Haut Languedoc

We arrived at one of our favourite Aires in a little village called Broquies. It sits on a very high hill and in the mornings the Aire is shrouded in mist that collects in the valley.

This is the terace where we take morning coffee :-) 

And then walk into the village for a spot of sketching.

And a look at the hobbit house, this is my favourite house in the village.

A bit of garden therapy for my DH.

We finally dragged ourselves away to pastures new in the Haut Languadoc area and on the way spent a lovely quiet night in this picnic area. More sketching and a great breakfast view.

Our first stop of the day was Roquefort to sample the cheese. But first coffee with this amazing view in front of us, just outside the town.

The cheese tasting went well but the price tag put us off a bit, although it was an exceptional flavour. Can't beat a good bit of English cheddar though can you?

The final stop of the day was a town called Lunas.

Which is a beautiful medieval town that takes elegance in decay to a whole new level, it's just gorgeous! 

Right on top of the cliff that surrounds the town is this beautiful statue of 'Mary' looking down on the town.

After a couple of nights we moved on to another medieval town and were lucky enough to catch a carnival.

And a lady doing wonderful tatting.

And another lovely lady selling gorgeous honey which my DH couldn't resist.

She graciously allowed me to take a photo showing her lovely costume.

I spent a relaxing afternoon sketching this wonderful town view, what a great opportunity :-) 

Many thanks to everyone who's been keeping me company on on our trip.

Monday, 15 September 2014

On to the Tarn

After leaving the Dordoigne, we headed towards our favourite area of France, the Tarn. 

Our first stop was a town well known to us, Martel.

This church has an amazing interior which was of course a pattern lover's dream.

We had an amazing couple of very hot days here on a wonderful municipal campsite which cost an incredible 8.44 euros a night including electric hookup.

I even had this beautiful house to practice my sketching skills on, what a bonus.

Next morning we went to another market and of course I just had to buy some homemade soap.

We decided to have a quiet night on our own on a perfect picnic area, and woke up to this as our breakfast view. 

On the banks of the Tarn.

After an amazingly quiet night we headed off for our destination, a large Aire high up in the Tarn Valley. But first we had to visit a chateau.

The bells!!!

There's that man again!! In my shot.

More pattern

And of course tart :-) 

Thanks to everyone who's following our trip.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

On to the Dordogne

Before leaving the Loire valley we popped into the church at St Aignan and were delighted to see that it was still dressed for the wedding we'd heard during the day. 

It looked so beautiful and the alter was stunning. 

Couldn't resist this pattern shot.

The next day we made our way towards the Dordogne area and ended up at another lovely town called Montignac.

It was very hot so we called it a day and stopped for lunch French style.

This morning the market was in town and I bought Jasmine tea and some rather expensive lace, will show next time when I've photographed it.

This afternoon we visited the natural caves of St Christophe which have been occupied by man since Prehistory. 

This is a long shot of the location.

Who is this person who always seems to be in my shots? And I don't mean the guard on top of the gate :-) 

They even had a church hewn into the rock.

This model gives an idea of how it would have looked in medieval times.

A post from me wouldn't be complete without textures.

And finally ......

Look out !!!! The bears are coming in.