Monday, 26 August 2013

A perfect visit

Having spent the day in Cardiff Bay we then went off to visit out son and his lovely family.

We had lots of quality time together and have come home exhausted but happy. You really do forget how busy a little eighteen month old is during his day.

Especially when you go solo riding Shaun the sheep.

And smiling for the camera Mummy...

But then it was time for Daddy to do some work.

Then it was back in the push chair and what a mean trick, Mummy, to give me a snack and then strap me in... I don't think that was funny!

It was a lovely relaxing catch up, see you all again soon.

Friday, 23 August 2013

And on to charming Cardiff

We had a lovely evening at our favourite marina in Cardiff

My phone camera just managed to pick out the lovely twinkling lights.

And then it was off to Ikea for breakfast in the morning, a full English for 99p and 2 teas plus 2 coffees, all for £1.98, with the Ikea family card,  magic.

After shopping for a couple of hours it was time to go in search of we did the healthy thing and walked through the park.

The iconic St David's hotel.... 

I went to look at the yachts, but looks like this lot got there first.

Anyone got a strong stomach for this, not me, certainly not after cake.

I love these sails on the Techniquest building, they  could definitely inspire 
my current textile adventure.

Or maybe this might find its way into something.....

And just in case you thought I'd forgotten we did have cake and it was brilliant :-) 

And where are we you maybe asking, well where else but Craft in the Bay of course. 

So even more inspiration with all the lovely work on show.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Delightful Bristol

Had a lovely day, as usual with our friend Carrol, and as well as a lovely lunch we went on a tour of the old docklands, now all poshed up and trendy.

And on the way I spotted these lovely artichokes, just a bit further out than mine.

Then I got sidetracked by this bit of found art.....

Before eventually arriving at the quay side.

More patterns and textures  waylaying my progress, 

And then I saw this wonderful house on the water, magic!

Then it was back on the ferry to the other side.  

What a lovely day, thank you Carrol :-)

Can you tell I'm enjoying my 3G on my new phone ?

Doesn't get much better than this

We're off to the West again, Bristol and Wales.
Spent the afternoon at Portishead outside Bristol. It's the only English coast where ships come in this close to the shore.
And we were lucky enough to see 2 come in.

It was raining, so I had to take this shot from the Nomad wagon.

Then it was sailing practice....

Watching the yachts sail up and down while we had our dinner.

Had a nice evening walk to see what I'd been sketching from the cab this afternoon, I think it's a beacon.

Then spotted this graffiti on the swimming pool wall!

It's dark now and the lights are twinkling in Wales and in our travelling home :-)

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Not one but two

Two bunches of roses for mum from daughter Pru to cheer me up after minor mouth surgery on Thursday. They are so beautiful, thank you.

To take my mind off the impending nasty we went  to Wisley garden centre on Wednesday and look what they had on show to make me smile.

Give 's a kiss

It was scarecrow heaven 😄

There were so many butterflies about too, I even managed to get a shot or 2

And then I got a bit bored with waiting for hubby to do the pro pics so I downloaded an app and did this 

And  he still wasn't finished so I downloaded another app and did this 
What a clever iPhone

So you see we had a great day and I forgot all about Thursday.