Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Winter blogging

Blogging should be easier in the winter with the arrival of long evenings,  cold days and a general desire to stay indoors and keep warm and cosy.

Maybe it's because we've had a long autumn with unexpectedly warm days that I just haven't had the time to settle back into posting stuff about my humdrum life. I have been busy since returning home from France, mainly in the allotment......

Before we went away someone very kindly left a load of bricks at the allotment, just what I'd been waiting for to finish the extension of my brick path...

Some of you may remember the magazine page that I used as an inspiration for my garden. I'd already bought the Box balls, and now I needed a box hedge.

I thought I'd better plant these dear little trees before laying the bricks. I bought 2 packs of 6 thinking that would do it all the way along..... no chance! Especially as I now wanted to fill in the gap between the beds.

Another 14 trees were needed! and I'm now waiting for the rain to stop so I can lay the last part of the path.

The only thing is I need 6 more trees to get to the end of the path!!

Ive also acquired a beautiful wrought iron gate to put at the end of my garden, it has a lovely detail in the middle.

So I have been quite busy.