Saturday, 29 June 2013

Potato fest

Mike's been harvesting the early potato crop, and boy are they good!

With home grown mint and butter they're so perfect we've even been having them fried for breakfast :-)

But for lunch we do have a healthy side salad.

I've added a small bit to my garden too, by adding some recycled roof tiles to make an end for the new path of stones.

And I saved the best till last....... I had mentioned to Mike that I'd like some wooden planters like the ones I'd seen in the chateau in Villandry, in France and when I got down to the plot the other day this was waiting for me.....he'd made it in my absence, pretty clever eh! Thank you :-)

It will go on the fence line with a cordon fruit tree inside. It's so smart that I would like at least another 2 :-)

Friday, 21 June 2013

Lettuces, radishes , spring onions and spinach

The title says it all.... For the past 3 weeks we've been harvesting all these lovely vegetables in enough quantities to share with our family and neighbours, all of whom are delighted with the wonderful fresh flavour of freshly grown produce.

Mike has worked extremely hard, 7/8 hours a day on the plots 5-7 days a week!!

You can see more here, where he keeps a lovely blog record of the plots.

My roll is more of support team, providing tea/coffee meals, yes cooked meals of varying varieties, including all day breakfasts at teatime :-)

I do a bit of planting in my plot, but mainly decorative.

This is my new brick path, made from reclaimed bricks from the plot, it's just waiting for a dressing of sharp sand to fill in the gaps. I am a bit proud of this as I never would have thought I could make one. The levelling took a bit of time but it was worth it to get it right.

And you can also see our latest acquisition, the rocker, for those most important relaxing moments, a great spot by Mike at our local charity shop. It will need posh new cushions, but it's still way too comfortable as it is.

We've also added a few other pieces just to personalise the garden.

A vintage seat complete with moss, and a bird bath which will eventually have another brick path in the centre of the beds leading up to it.

I was very lucky to be given this lovely little shelving unit by another plot holder so couldn't wait to put it up, despite the fact that I haven't finished painting the walls or the ceiling.

And last of all, we got to dog sit our favourite lille chap on Monday and he spent the day on the plot with us having a wonderful time.

(yes children, I know a paint job is badly needed on the table and chairs!)

Any lunch for me then?

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

More pics from Dungeness and Rye

Home again, and if our local weather is anything to go by, just in time, there's a howling gale outside, well maybe not that bad.... but it's too cold and wet for June.

So to more pics of sunshine and a knitting extravaganza in Rye.

And crochet....

Panoramas in Dungeness

Shadow play

Oh look I'm on TV....

Flower power.....

And hole lot more going on over here 

It was a great trip as always..... looking forward to the next visit already.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Enjoying the sunshine

We're away again in the Nomad wagon, this time to our favourite retreat of Dungeness.

It's been a beautiful day just chilling out.

Watching the tide roll in and out.

And admiring the flowers, standing proud against the wind.