Monday, 31 March 2014

Mother's Day and a new bunny

I hope all you mummys had a lovely Mother's Day on Sunday. Mine was a day late as I was at the seaside!

But I had lovely messages on the day and presents and cards today :-) 

A beautiful bouquet from my son and family and lovely new scarf from my daughter Hannah, I just love those birds in the cage, the colours are gorgeous. 

And now for my new rabbit.

 I have been following Vivienne's Blog
for some time and have been coveting her beautiful hand made bunnies for ages. I even had my children on the case trying to buy one for me, but they are so popular you have to be really quick. 
Well the lovely Vivienne had a draw to celebrate 5 years of blogging with a beautiful rabbit as a prize and I won. 

Her name is Verdi and I can't wait to meet her. 

Thank you Vivienne. 

Sunday, 30 March 2014

New lawn and more seaside

Remember this....

Well, with a lot of work raking and levelling by father and son, and expert turf laying by father, it has now turned into this....

What a lovely transformation, well done both of you. 

Grandad and grandson were so exhausted ( grandson having spent so long standing at the French windows shouting encouragement) that they had to have a chill out before bed. 

Looking at the wildlife pics on the laptop.

We decided to make the most of our visit to Wales and head off for the sea side, the weather was cloudy and the wind was brisk, but it was bracing and relaxing.

A panorama from Burry Port. 

And yet more rocks..... Well I do love a bit of texture and pattern! 

So how about this for a bit of design magic. 

The beach has been protected with rubble from an old power station and this has left all sorts of wonderful lumps of concrete and bricks that have started to mesh together with the weathering process of the sea. 

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Sand sea and a city

 This last week has been a family extravaganza.

It started last Sunday with a visit to the seaside with our eldest daughter Pru and her family, which included her new spaniel puppy, Roo!

This was my favourite pic of the day, ears blowing in the wind, thoroughly enjoying her first seaside adventure.

Pru's youngest son was thrilled to have a chance to enjoy the funfair. 

I wonder which was more fun, the static motorbike or the electric one, which do you think? 

And of course he couldn't leave without a 
ride on the roller coaster.

What a lovely day we had, especially the fish and chips :-)

So that was the sea and sand, now we're back in Cardiff with our son Dan and his family. I'm not a big fan of cities, having been bought up in the country, but the more I see of Cardiff, the more green space there appears to be.

We did the 'grandparents in the park' the other day, guess who commandeered the push chair, sorry buggy, or is that old fashioned too. 

It was quite a busy trip...

What with the geese to see...

Delicious jam scones to be eaten in the cafe by the lake. 

Unless of course you'd rather have chocolate, no contest I think.

More green space was to be discovered on a lovely walk into the city centre along the river.

What beautiful carvings.....

And drifts of daffodils 

And of course I had to add a bit if patten, what gorgeous shapes.

And lastly this magnificent magnolia tree in full bloom, just before we got to town.

I don't know what these lovely buildings are but I'm sure someone will. 

Maybe I'll have to revise my opinion of cities after all. 

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

I didn't want to do that!

I only went down to the allotment yesterday to enjoy the sunshine and somehow I ended up weeding the beds and laying a path, well the idea of a path would be more to the point.

Well it all started here in Cardiff where my DH was helping our son take up some of the decking that was covering almost all the back garden, and he wanted some lawn.

Of course the old veteran had to show the young whippersnapper how it was done...... which he replied by digging up a pair of secateurs ..... he did move a few stones later :-)

They dug up 2 patios, 1 was buried under the other, plus a load of clay and the result was an enormous heap of rubbish in the garden.

Oh how I wish I could have taken some of those crazy paving slabs home.

But finally after all their hard work it now looks like this, waiting for our next visit when father and son will lay the lawn, just in time for the spring sunshine.

We had a lovely stay and had lots of cuddles with Pippa and lots of play time with her little brother Sam.