Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Visit to Shirley and her family

As promised, now I have finally come to the end of my holiday posts, (breath a sigh of relief), I can tell you about our fabulous visit to Shirley.
We arrived at bout 10.30 last Tuesday and I had the whole day to look at Shirley's beautiful work while our OH's did their own thing, as they had a common interest in photography. Speaking of which, Shirley's OH very kindly took my Oh with him to a very special camera club meeting in the evening, to a bay just outside Whitby to catch the sun setting at low tide. Unfortunately for them there was no sunset that night, but my sneaky OH miraculously managed to find us a wonderful cliff top camp site the next night, and OH!! surprise, surprise it was right above this bay, so he got a second go and took loads of pics , one of which was this one.

Shirley has to be the most prolific worker I have ever met and I only had time to see her complete Egyptian series, which is amazingly diverse in its content, from bags to wall hangings and over 70 pieces in all, it was a real privilege. Both Shirley and her OH were extremely generous with their help and hospitality and we ended up spending the night in their caravan. Not before I had a full explore of Shirley's workroom and quizzed her continuously about all the amazing things she has to play with. There were so many things to explore and discuss we could have taken a week over it :-)

I hope that maybe one day soon they may venture into our neck of the woods so that we can return their hospitality, but I think Shirley would manage to zip through my work and stash in about 2 hours max!! anyway thank you both very much for a great day and evening.

The next morning we set off for my beloved Whitby, how I wish we could have a holiday home there. We headed off for our favourite coffee shop, Sherlock's, which as its name implies is decked out in the style of Sherlock Holmes, and this is the Watson room upstairs.

Next it was a bit of shopping in a lovely little craft shop that has expanded to three shops since last year, not surprisingly since the stock is so varied and very well priced. Also, Val the proprietor, is brilliantly helpful and very knowledgeable, which makes shopping such a pleasure.

Then there was Boys's the North's best kept secret for really cheap habby items.

After all that shopping it was time for a stroll on the pier which heads right out to sea in a big arc.

On the way back I spotted this beautiful gate dedicated to Whitby seafarers.

Well that's almost it for this year,barring a lovely stop at Harcwick Hall, a wonderful Elizabethan manor, on the way home.

Hope you haven't been too bored with my travelling diary.


Shirley Goodwin said...

Bored? certainly not. Love the photos, and sounds like you had a very pleasant and interesting time.

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Many thanks for the lovely write up. It was a fabulous day as you said. You were both lovely guests and welcome to come again any time.

Doreen G said...

One thing I can say Sharon is that it hasn't been boring.

hippopip said...

Bored? not a bit ,how could we be with all those beautiful `photos it was most interesting

Aussie Jo said...

Thankyou for sharing your holiday with us Sharon. Is Whitby the one from the tv show Heartbeat???

Karen said...

Absolutly NOT bored! I really enjoyed browsing through your posts and getting a look at places I will most likely never go to. And then to wander over to your web site and see so much lovely work! Thank you!

Homeleightigger said...

Brilliant pix and thanks for sharing Sharon. What a marvellous shot of the sunset your OH managed! Good to be home though? Val

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Sharon - I've just caught up on your week's posts and how can you possibly think they might be boring!! Such a fabulous mixture - photos, drawings, shopping (nice stamps!)etc. And that sunset photo is so beautiful. Lucky you getting to share with Shirley - I can just imagine how wonderful it must have been to see the Egyptian Collection first hand!

Feather on a Wire said...

Just wanted to thank you for a lovely time I've just had browsing through your posts. Just like a quick trip round the country.

Sue Smith said...

Hi Sharon, That sunset picture is absolutely amazing, so it must have been incredible to see in real life! I'm glad you had such a lovely and inspiring time with your friend. Your shopping stash looks great too! Now you'll need to hide away in your studio and get busy!

Julie said...

Finally catching up! I agree the sunset is awesome and I like your photograph of the pier. That gate is beautiful too and so much eye candy in the shopping! Great post Sharon :)