Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Rain did not stop play!!

Despite a dismal start to Sunday morning we decided to revisit the Open Air Museum at Singleton, as they had a Blacksmith demonstration and blacksmith art exhibition on there.
We were really pleased that we went, as the artwork was absolutely brilliant, and very inspiring!

This wonderful fairytale bed with its accompanying doggie bed was my favourite of course.

And I think my OH thought this exhibit was a bit special too.

There were even quite affordable pieces like this beautiful heart, for £38.

The exhibition space itself is an amazing architectural structure.

The working blacksmith's demonstrations were very exciting too, with such a broad selection of people working, on very different projects.

The Museum is a wonderful place to find all sorts of artistic inspiration, such as these lovely sheaths of corn set out in the traditional way of stacking them.

And how about this for a bit of rusty paintwork.

Then there was the truckle bed, you don’t see these very often.

This wonderful print on a grain sack will definitely end up as a lino print.

And this poor old feller had just about had enough of being on show for one day I think, he looked pretty happy when we saw him grazing in the field just before we went home.

I was just thinking that I had finished with the camera for the day when I saw this great detail on a gypsy caravan that was being restored.

I managed to take 124 pics on this trip, so I think I’ll have enough inspirational goodies for a while.


Purple Missus said...

WOW Sharon, I thought 'I want that bed' -then I saw the corset - now I want that too!
Its amazing isn't it.
Where do you find out about all these wonderful places you visit?

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Another good day out. 124 pics will take some processing!!
Lynda will approve of the rust and blue.
Waiting to see if I spot any textile interpretations from your visit.

Julie said...

What a fantastic place Sharon and so many wonderful textures! I wonder if the corset may be a tad uncomfy?!?

Debbi Baker said...

Great photos Sharon & as soon as I saw that corset I thought of Lynda!! My favourites are the rusty paintwork and the last photo - so textural and distressed looking!

Jacquelines blog said...

Great pictures Sharon, I love the bed!!!!

Aussie Jo said...

Great pictures of some wonderfully interesting pieces. I love the woody texture on the last one, maybe I should be working in wood? There is an oldish house near me that has been turned into a restaurant/winery and has some fantastic arty pieces in metal/ glass /wood etc. I must go and take some photos to post. A really fun one is a very large tree stump that they have turned into what Claudia (8 years) calls the marshmallow tree.