Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Back at last

Well it's certainly been a longer blog break than I intended but the last 2 1/2 months have been more manic than I would have thought possible.

Everyone's been amazingly productive while I've been away, I watch 27 blogs and between you you've clocked up 886 posts, I think I'd better make do with catching up with everyone's current activities or I'll be online forever.

The CHF award piece went in 3 weeks early as I was going to be on holiday for the final hand in date. The exhibition will open on the 12th September so I can show you what I made then, but here's a small taster.

The next drama, (and yes the final couple of days in the finishing of this piece were a bit of a drama, as usual) was my poor DH getting bitten by a dog in the face, at work, he needed 20 stitches in the Maxillo Facial unit of our local hospital.

It left him severely traumatised as the attack was completely unprovoked and the dog gave no warning. Luckily he's a quick healer and the doctor did a grand job with her stitching, he even asked her if she was any good at embroidery, apparently not.

At least the accident happened a week before we were going on holiday so he had time to have the stitches out... just.

We had 9 remarkable days in Tanzania incorporating game drives, a visit to a Massai village and a balloon ride over the Serengeti, amongst other things. Needless to say it was a life changing, magical experience that I will definitely be using for future projects, so watch this space.

And lastly 'The wedding'

As some of you will know our son got married to his beautiful fiancé on Saturday and what a wonderful day it was too.
They had a lovely church service at St. Cadoc's Church in Pendoylan South Wales.

An here's their first kiss as man and wife.

I now have to get used to a second Mrs. Young in the family :-)

They had the reception up the road at The Vale Hotel, which was total 'Hotel Babylon' if anyone watches the series. It was in a beautiful setting with the luxury of a superb swimming pool and spa on site, which of course we had to make use of :-)

I took a few pics, but not as many as I would have liked as I was so caught up in the day and wanted to enjoy every single moment.

Father and son time before the wedding.

DD1 wonder what she's thinking

Maybe she's wondering what her son's going to with that tie next.

Proud Mum and Dad

The suit and GD Bethany in the dress that she made with me earlier in the year. It was a bit windy on the terrace.

Dan and Sue had practiced long and hard on a wonderful first dance routine, which was a total surprise and a real tear jerker, I think it was the highlight of the wedding for me.

Thank you both so much for such a wonderful, memorable day and for making us both so very proud.

The house is now full of the flowers that we received at the wedding which is a lovely reminder.

It's great to be back, I've really missed chatting with everyone and seeing what 's going on.


Julie said...

Welcome back Sharon :-)) It's good to see you here again. Your DH's doctor did a wonderful job, such beautiful stitching. I hope the trauma of it is beginning to fade after your lovely wedding celebrations. xx

Jenn Jilks said...

You are back! I am eagerly anticipating photos. The poor man's nose looks awful. That would be traumatic. How joyous. We just spent two weeks with our adult kids and granddaugther here. Family is very important.

Aussie Jo said...

Nice to hear from you again Sharon.
Looks like mostly highs over the break. That is a beautiful stitchery job on the nose. I sympathise with your husband's trauma, he must have got a shock. You've crammed a lot of news in your first post back and been very busy; beautiful wedding.
Looking forward to seeing your creative work too.

Robin Mac said...

Welcome back, how lucky that your husband had such a good stitcher for a doctor. Love the wedding dress. Hope there are a few photos of Tanzania coming up soon. Cheers, Robin

Gina said...

Good to see you back Sharon. Lovely wedding photos but poor DH. Hope he's recovered from his trauma. That was an impressive bit of stitching.

Pat said...

You certainly didn't waste your break. Lovely to have you back, can we look forward to exciting things from your Tanzania trip?

Debbi Baker said...

Welcome back - I missed you!! And wow what a post - your poor hubby, that is no small bite! The wedding looks like it was wonderful and I look forward to hearing more about your holiday. Big hugs

chrissythreads said...

Glad to see you back. The wedding looked lovely and so did your holiday.Feel for your DH. A few years back I was stroking my mum's dog as it sat on my lap when it suddenly launched itself into the air and attached itself to my lip. 18 stitches later and back to 2 lips rather than 3 I found myself crossing the road to avoid any dog for about 2 months however, as you know from my blog, I was soon back to my normal dog loving self so I hope your husband will recover just as quickly.

hippopip said...

Great to have you back lovely wedding photos you all look great & Bethany made a fantastic job with her dress.Very impressed with the stitching on your poor husbands nose, very tramatic for him.

Becky Vigor said...

Welcome back!

That looks like some impressive suturing on your DH's nose. What tiny stitches. Though in my experience the suture holes scar just as much as the wound closure so he may have dots on his nose for some time to come!