Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Moving on

My explorations into the African project have taken a couple of diversion at the moment.

The first being a suggestion from Laura to make a 12x12 quilt for the Colours of Africa project. I had meant to do something before I went to Tanzania, so having experienced a little of the African culture I was really ready to have a go. It's an amazing project, so if any one has some free time to help I know it will be much appreciated, you can see some of the work that's already been submitted on the blog.

It's not quite finished as you can see, I think I will add a little bit of hand stitching before I bind it.

The second diversion was as invitation to join The West country Budda group in making quilts for next years FOQ, which is very exciting and a great motivator, so thanks to Annabel for setting that up.

As a result I'm still exploring different ideas in my sketch book and decided to have a go at lino printing for the first time in many years. I bought a piece of wrapping paper on holiday and it was decorated with lots of lovely lino cuts, one of which was this great little lizard.

I wasn't too happy with the colours so went back to the original source to see if I could improve on it.

I do love the expression of the male dancer in the top pic, I'd like to think of a way of incorporating this in one of my designs.

I bought a Kuba Cloth at one of the lodges and have found it very insprirational, I love the way it's been pieced. I tried to incorporate the visible turnings into my design for the quilt but found it too cumbersome to work three layers with it, so I think that will have to be a separate project.


Aussie Jo said...

Your juxtaposition of images on your quilt is wonderful Sharon.
The lizard print is also fantastic. Watching with interest.

Val said...

Love the work in your sketchbook Sharon - as always! Your little African Quilt looks amazing .....

Heather said...

I love the way you have incorporated all those images into your quilt - also the lizard design. You certainly have plenty to think about and so much stimulation. I'm sure you will make something wonderful from it all.

Fran├žoise said...

Nice little quilt. It's an A4, isn't it? I plan to make one too.

Julie said...

Your quilt is looking great Sharon. Have you thought of taking it forward to Foq10 in a larger format? It's good to know you're sharing the journey :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sharon - what a beautiful little quilt. We really appreciate everyone's participation in our project. I've got your address and will post your prize tomorrow.

Jacquelines blog said...

Lovely work Sharon and I really enjoy your Africa pictures.