Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Fitting everything in

You'd think wouldn't you, that when you get past 60 time would sort of melt away and you'd just be able to amble along each day doing whatever you chance!! Life seems to just get busier or I get more side tracked.

Well anyway I've managed to find a few moments to do some blogging, some necessary as part of my Diploma, which has now taken a very interesting turn into 3D land (or should that read lala land) judge for yourself. You never know when you head off into the unknown, whether your bordering on discovery or just 'lost in space'.

Half the reason I'm an absent blogger at the moment is the fact that we spend a lot of time with our newest family member, Connie.

I don't think she was too impressed to be used as a washing line, spoiling her beautiful lines :-)

We were away as usual the w/e before last at Singleton Open air Museum and I took the opportunity to use the camera again. Which I'm happy to say I'm getting used to.

There was a production of 'The Firework maker's daughter' being held in the grounds (unfortunately for us all tickets were sold out), but I took some shots of the wonderful lanterns as consolation.

This one had a 'fish eye' filter put on it in-camera.

These delightful waterlilies were also part of the show and of course had to be manipulated in the camera, just for fun.

I only wish I knew what part this gruesome thing had to play in the production

And these by contrast were lovely in the sunlight

Cyanotype anyone?

And just so I can join in Gina's sketchbook project I had to do a couple of 5 minuters.

There was a repeat on TV last night about the Nation's favourite flower, at the time I couldn't think of one, now I remember, I love it and every year I try to photograph it, and this year I think I got better.

And just to make the w/e perfect, how's this for a view from our secret wild camping lay-by. We had a quieter night than we would have done with our neighbours at home.

I'd just like to say good luck to all those taking part in the FOQ challenge that West Country Buddah set up last year. Hope all goes well for you, and sorry I couldn't take part after all.


Julie said...

Great photos and sketches and Connie looks lovely. Does she mind parking on a slope?! Precision must be needed to get her on those blocks.

Thanks for your good wishes for the quilts. You'll have to start early for next year ;o)

Gina said...

Good to see you joining in! Lovely sketches and photographs

Heather said...

Lovely post and great pics. I'm sure Connie understands the need for washing to be dried and although she looks quite glamourous she probably has a practical side to her. Love the lanterns and water lilies and your sketches.


Lovely seedheads and cyanotype. Beautuful work