Saturday, 26 November 2011

Something a little more scenic

The other weekend we took a trip to Cardiff for a visit to our DS and DIL, and as usual we were treated to a wonderful relaxing time. For once we had some lovely weather and took a walk from the Mumbles to the next town along the coastal path. It was superb, especially as we were treated to a lovely lunch when we got there.

Looking back towards the Mumbles.

Half way there, getting hungry all this lovely fresh air.

And a final walk along the beach for lunch.

I did take a lovely shot of our hosts, but managed to delete all my pics off the camera instead of just one, so these are courtesy of my DH.

Just found this one from the DH collection, our hosts are striding across the beach eagerly anticipating lunch, they must be even hungrier than me!

We were all excited over the weekend as we're expecting another grandchild in March, so it was good to catch up with our DIL in person and know that mum and baby are doing fine. We know he's a boy and he's very active now :-). He will be number 13 for us. So we now have enough for a football team plus reserves LOL.

Thank you both for a great weekend.

And now a creative link for all textile enthusiasts Chelsea degree show
I was so excited when I found their web site, I haven't been this enthusiastic about an exhibition for years, I just wish I'd seen it early enough to go in person.

And finally, how about this for a winter warmer, my DH's corned beef hash...... yummy !


sharon young said...


Just deleted a comment from Fran├žoise by mistake so I've put it in myself.

"Lovely pictures! I've never been to South Wales, but I like North and Mid Wales a lot.
And congratulations on the future grandson. "

Heather said...

That's such a beautiful stretch of coastal path and there's nothing like sea air to work up an appetite. Your lunch looked delicious. Glad your daughter in law is keeping well - great celebrations in March.

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Congrats on grandchild number 13

Sent you a separate email