Monday, 19 December 2011


Having got very bored with being at home by Sunday having been holed due to this:

followed by a 24 hour bug that tuned into a 5 day stay:

We decided to go down to the South coast to a wild life reserve Pagham Harbour . It was bitterly cold but sunny so we took a walk along the estuary trail and while my DH was photographing this little chap,

I was busy photographing this,

you can see why we get on can't you, opposites attract, so they say :-)

But I think we both liked this,

And now to a happy ending. We thought we didn't need a Christmas tree this year as we're in a flat and probably won't be around a lot, but when it came to the festive season proper we realised that it would the first time ever since we've been together that we haven't had one. So I voiced our thoughts to our girls the other weekend and lo and behold our lovely DD3 produced this perfect 6' fibre optic tree, which fits our flat perfectly. Aren't children wonderful, thank you :-) I had to post a video because the lights don't show in the photo.


Heather said...

Glad you got rid of that bug and could enjoy your outing - the photos are great.
The gloomy winter days wont bother you with those lovely lights - so pretty and very festive. What a thoughtful gesture.

Julie said...

Brrr! That snow looks decidely chilly! I enjoyed the videos, your room looks very pretty. I like the Christmas lights the best of all the Christmassy decs each year.

Have a lovely Christmas.