Saturday, 29 June 2013

Potato fest

Mike's been harvesting the early potato crop, and boy are they good!

With home grown mint and butter they're so perfect we've even been having them fried for breakfast :-)

But for lunch we do have a healthy side salad.

I've added a small bit to my garden too, by adding some recycled roof tiles to make an end for the new path of stones.

And I saved the best till last....... I had mentioned to Mike that I'd like some wooden planters like the ones I'd seen in the chateau in Villandry, in France and when I got down to the plot the other day this was waiting for me.....he'd made it in my absence, pretty clever eh! Thank you :-)

It will go on the fence line with a cordon fruit tree inside. It's so smart that I would like at least another 2 :-)

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Heather said...

Home grown new potatoes - yum! I've been cheating and buying Jersey Royals. Your allotment is coming on in leaps and bounds - who needs flowers when a well tended veg garden looks so good.