Sunday, 15 September 2013

Onto the Loire

The weather's still wet so we've pushed onto the Loire.

We've ended the day at a lovely little village, Ange on the river Cher.

Saw this and thought of all my sewing friends.

And how about this for traffic calming, the flowers, not the husband.

And lastly saw this giant bee in the field.

We've ended the day at a campingcar aire where there's a rally on with 100 French vans and 1 UK...... Interesting !

Moved a bit further South to a town called Uzerch, which has lots of lovely medieval style architecture.

We had a lovely walk along an old railway line by the river, just what we needed after a day on the road.

Lots of things to see

A converted mill I think.

And then back for tea over this amazing bridge.


Julie said...

Looks like a lovely walk by the river. Thank you for sharing your trip to Frnace. I shall look forward to seeing more.

sharon young said...

Comment from Heather

Great photos - I love that medieval architecture. The countryside looks almost English. Hope the weather improves for you.