Monday, 10 February 2014

No green stuff please we're cake eaters

We're taking a break from looking after our little grandson while his mummy and daddy settle his sister into family life.

I think he's getting used to the idea

Him and grandad think she's champion.

We decided we would take a bracing walk along the barrage in Cardiff bay and reward ourselves with a lovely cake and hot chocolate when we got to the gallery.

We passed the posh yatchs, just for a taste of how the other half live.

And then went on to the walk....

Saw this big working ship coming into port, it wasn't meant to be a black and white image, I just tapped on the wrong filter as I couldn't read the tiny writing on my phone.....hmmm!

Ah back to colour, got the glasses
out of my handbag.

Couldn't resist a bit of colour and texture.

And finally nearly at the haven of homemade cakes of every flavour, chocolate, apple and walnut, carrot with squishy icing, oh how will I choose this time.

And then...... We opened the door to the cafe of delights, a strange awesomely chatty young lady greets us, where is the lovely owner we know so well? 

The above young lady stuffs a menu in both our hands and announces that everything is green and calory counted, oh goody! We said 'do you do cakes' and she said 'oh no we're totally green here', 'super' we said 'we don't think we'll bother' and left!

I had a mini tantrum and stomped about the gallery hating everything on show and vowing never to come again. I will of course, it's not their fault that the greenies have taken over and spoilt our fun.


Heather said...

What a tragedy! She won't last long if she isn't serving tea and cake. People need sustenance when they've walked round Cardiff for ages. I haven't been for years but love Craft in the Bay. And cake in the Bay! Your grandson is a dear little chap.

Pat said...

What a disappointment, carrot cake would have been "green". I love the black and white and the colour and texture. Glad you had a dry day.

Julie said...

I would have stomped about too. :)

karen said...

terrible!!! start a campaign....and your little man is so cute!!