Saturday, 22 March 2014

Sand sea and a city

 This last week has been a family extravaganza.

It started last Sunday with a visit to the seaside with our eldest daughter Pru and her family, which included her new spaniel puppy, Roo!

This was my favourite pic of the day, ears blowing in the wind, thoroughly enjoying her first seaside adventure.

Pru's youngest son was thrilled to have a chance to enjoy the funfair. 

I wonder which was more fun, the static motorbike or the electric one, which do you think? 

And of course he couldn't leave without a 
ride on the roller coaster.

What a lovely day we had, especially the fish and chips :-)

So that was the sea and sand, now we're back in Cardiff with our son Dan and his family. I'm not a big fan of cities, having been bought up in the country, but the more I see of Cardiff, the more green space there appears to be.

We did the 'grandparents in the park' the other day, guess who commandeered the push chair, sorry buggy, or is that old fashioned too. 

It was quite a busy trip...

What with the geese to see...

Delicious jam scones to be eaten in the cafe by the lake. 

Unless of course you'd rather have chocolate, no contest I think.

More green space was to be discovered on a lovely walk into the city centre along the river.

What beautiful carvings.....

And drifts of daffodils 

And of course I had to add a bit if patten, what gorgeous shapes.

And lastly this magnificent magnolia tree in full bloom, just before we got to town.

I don't know what these lovely buildings are but I'm sure someone will. 

Maybe I'll have to revise my opinion of cities after all. 


Fran├žoise said...

It looks like you had a great week, and what a lovely blue sky by the sea!
The little one is eating chocolate, already?! ;-)
Have a nice Sunday.

Heather said...

I've just booked a week on the Gower for myself and youngest daughter in a few weeks time - she will be recovering from a small op. I don't like cities either, but Cardiff is very attractive and seems to be a 'manageable' one. Your photos are nearly as good as a weekend away - full of sunshine and fun.

Julie said...

We were in Cardiff for Valentine's weekend last year and I loved the city. I don't know what that building is but last year there were peregrine falcons nesting in the clock tower. The RSPB were there letting you look through binoculars. Lovely to have a trip to the seaside too.