Tuesday, 13 May 2014

1 Prom and a mojo exercise

Last friday we were very honoured to be invited to our grandson's school Prom, it doesn't seem possible that he has almost finished his secondary school education. He arrived in splendid style with his friends in a London double decker bus, but there was such a crush at the school gates that I failed to get a decent shot.

Luckily I managed to attract his attention and took this shot of him and his lovely partner.

Those of you who have been kind enough to have followed this blog for many years will remember Ben from his exuberant art work that we used to do together in my garden studio, formerly my DH's darkroom, which sadly we don't have any more.

They were such fun times and I could never have imagined his Prom day back then. We were  so proud of him, he is a very remarkable young man, and we were delighted to have the privilege of being there.

Ive been reading quite a few blogs lately where people have been writing that they've lost their creative mojo, and I understand how they feel. I seem to have come to a dead stop on my main project and can't bring myself to push it forward. To try and help this I decided to reorganise my work that I hung in the flat three years ago and see if that helped.

This is now the view I wake up to in the morning, so I hope it will inspire me

......especially as this was one of my most favourite pieces, which I actually really loved doing from start to finish, a rare achievement for me. I'm pleased to say I finally found the driftwood stick  I wanted to hang it on, it only took a couple of years!!

This piece has also been hanging in the shadows, unloved and ignored, I'm beginning to like it now.

I bought a Muji perspex frame for this piece, over a year ago and finally mounted it today.

The lights and the Ikea shelf were bought for the mock up pieces of the current project, in the left hand corner, but they work just as well for the framed piece.

I wish all of those who are a bit jaded and uncertain of the way forward good luck, these periods always clear eventually, I hope my new surroundings will do it for me.


karen said...

wow...such a handsome young man and yes...time flies too quickly.

Heather said...

Your grandson and his girlfriend make a lovely couple. I love those pieces of work particularly the one in the perspex frame. I have had a piece of driftwood waiting for a piece of work for years! Since finishing my course and leaving the group I belonged to I seem to have ground to a halt too. Here's to us all finding our mojo!

Pat said...

Your grandson has such a lovely gentle smile, no wonder you are proud. Both pieces look great, I love the lighting effect. Hope you get "unstuck" soon.

Gina said...

What a lovely looking young man and what a handsome couple they make. Hope your mojo returns soon - there is definitely some wonderful inspiration on your wall.

sharon young said...

Blogger is behaving very badly so I'm manually posting this comment.

greenrabbitdesigns has left a new comment on your post "1 Prom and a mojo exercise":

Awe how to be able to join in your grandsons special day, what a lovely couple they make! :)

Fran├žoise said...

Congrats to your grandson! Grandchildren are growing up so fast!
I'm sure your mojo will be back very soon.

Julie said...

I imagine you had a lump in your throat seeing your handsome grandson all grown up. I hope he still enjoys being creative. I think we probably all need some downtime creatively but it is very hard waiting for the mojo to recharge its batteries. Hopefully your new display will get yours going again.