Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Bursting at the seams

Our allotments are in full production as you can imagine with all this lovely growing weather, and even (the reluctant gardener) has to succumb to some work. I've been harvesting my mint that I dry to make peppermint tea, excellent for the digestion.

As you can see I was allowed to use the inner sanctum of the greenhouse to dry them off, bet Monty Don wouldn't allow silly pegs in his greenhouse :-)

If you want to see some real gardening and some wonderful produce pop along to my DH's blog he'd love to see you :-)


Heather said...

There is something very comforting about drying herbs and I'm sure Monty Don would approve of making use of anything to get the job done. I am only growing courgettes and dwarf french beans this year but both are looking quite good in their containers.

Fran├žoise said...

I absolutely love those pegs! ;-)
Can you believe I had to google Monty Don!
I used to watch Gardeners' World 20 years ago, when it was with Geoff Hamilton.
Enjoy your garden!

karen said...

I'm partial to peppermint tea myself!

karen said...

beautiful parents have a huge garden and an allotment, they need so much attention!! No thanks :)