Saturday, 6 September 2014

In France and loving it

We sailed away to France on Wednesday and after having a complementary breakfast from P&O, thank you very much!

We set off for sunshine and new adventures.

First coffee at one of the splendid French motorway picnic areas.

And then onto a Camping Car Aire at a wonderful place called St. Nicolas de Bliquetuit on the edge of the river Seine.

I had a wonderful afternoon sketching this view.
And in the evening we were treated to a ship coming up the river that was so big we think it had a helipad on the bow.

It was very dark and this was the best I could do, but it was an incredible sight!!!

We made our way to the Loire Valley the next morning, 7 hours on the road, but it was worth it, as the next day we visited the chateau Cheverney.

And what a treat, a wedding dress and dinner  sevice to drool over....

Plus on course the tapestries....

And the Embroidered bed hangings.

All so sumptuous, it was wonderful.

We even got to see the resident fox hounds enjoying the sun :-)

After all that activity we're having a lovely chill day on the banks if the river Cher...

With another lovely town to explore tomorrow. 

Please excuse me if I don't relply to comments as Internet connection is sometimes a bit weak.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

How lovely, have a fantastic time Sharon.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

How lovely, have a fantastic time Sharon.

Fran├žoise said...

Lovely! And the weather forecast is really nice for the next days too. Enjoy!

Heather said...

France is such a beautiful country - thanks for sharing your beautiful photos of all those delights. I love the hounds lying around in complete abandonment too.

Pat said...

Bon voyage and enjoy.