Tuesday, 20 May 2014

T-Rex and garden plans

Thank you so much to all those who commented on my mojo blip with supportive comments, its a really nice feeling when you know you're not the only one to be a bit stuck. The change of view when I wake up in the morning has really helped, I'm met by my favourite piece of work and am enjoying viewing it without that 'just finished' feeling, when you're so conscious of all the things you could have done differently.

On saturday afternoon I was lucky enough to spend some time with my 3 daughters, lots of catch up, wine and too much food, including a fabulous rhubarb crumble made by my DH with his amazing home grown rhubarb.

We met up at my daughter Nikki's new house, and her youngest son was looking after Rex, the class dinosaur for the weekend. Before I knew it I heard my daughter Hannah say, "what he needs is a rucksack to take on his adventures", of course I knew what was coming, auntie Hannah  and Nanny would have to perform the magic spell and make one, so Rex could surprise Fin when he woke up in the morning, hmmm! I started to wonder how many glasses of wine we'd had since 4 o'clock.

However, with much hilarity and pooled blurred knowledge, we did complete the rucksack before the morning :-)

oh yummy! dinner time at last!

Of course, as Rex was a special guest he had something really special for lunch, not just boring old leaves....

And after all that it was time for a walk in the woods to get some exercise.

Rex had a fabulous weekend with his best friend, Fin and can't wait to tell the class all about it.

We adults had a pretty good time too, thanks to Fin's mum Nikki, it was lovely.

After all that excitement it was time to give my garden a bit of TLC,  so I started with erecting my little greenhouse that my daughter Nikki gave me when she moved house.

And no, unfortunately that's not a tin of sweeties in there, its where I keep my gardening gloves.

It was very hard work, so I had to have a little rest.......

And then I spotted this beauty, when did that open out?

Then I bought a tree, embellished it and put it into this beautiful planter that my DH made, is there no end to this man's talents?

Apparently not, he saved some Heartsease seeds from my flowers last year and here they are all ready for me to plant out, instant gardening, perfect.

And I leave you with this little teaser, I'm going to create something rather special, I hope, and these are the poles to start it off.

Thanks to all those people who drop by my blog and read my ramblings,  Im very flattered that you find them interesting enough to comment on them :-)  

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

1 Prom and a mojo exercise

Last friday we were very honoured to be invited to our grandson's school Prom, it doesn't seem possible that he has almost finished his secondary school education. He arrived in splendid style with his friends in a London double decker bus, but there was such a crush at the school gates that I failed to get a decent shot.

Luckily I managed to attract his attention and took this shot of him and his lovely partner.

Those of you who have been kind enough to have followed this blog for many years will remember Ben from his exuberant art work that we used to do together in my garden studio, formerly my DH's darkroom, which sadly we don't have any more.

They were such fun times and I could never have imagined his Prom day back then. We were  so proud of him, he is a very remarkable young man, and we were delighted to have the privilege of being there.

Ive been reading quite a few blogs lately where people have been writing that they've lost their creative mojo, and I understand how they feel. I seem to have come to a dead stop on my main project and can't bring myself to push it forward. To try and help this I decided to reorganise my work that I hung in the flat three years ago and see if that helped.

This is now the view I wake up to in the morning, so I hope it will inspire me

......especially as this was one of my most favourite pieces, which I actually really loved doing from start to finish, a rare achievement for me. I'm pleased to say I finally found the driftwood stick  I wanted to hang it on, it only took a couple of years!!

This piece has also been hanging in the shadows, unloved and ignored, I'm beginning to like it now.

I bought a Muji perspex frame for this piece, over a year ago and finally mounted it today.

The lights and the Ikea shelf were bought for the mock up pieces of the current project, in the left hand corner, but they work just as well for the framed piece.

I wish all of those who are a bit jaded and uncertain of the way forward good luck, these periods always clear eventually, I hope my new surroundings will do it for me.