Saturday, 12 December 2009

Crafty stuff and socks

We had our annual craft Fayre at My DH's work place on Tuesday, so I was quite busy getting my contribution ready for it all last week.

I belong to the knitting group and our challenge was to make miniature stockings just big enough for a chocolate. I managed 4, which doesn't sound very many, but they take about 2 hrs each by the time you've sewn them up and made the hanger.

For my own table I made a patchwork cushion with the patchwork packs that I've been selling on my Etsy shop.

It worked well as I sold 3 packs when people realised that they could make a whole cushion front with the 25 squares, relatively easily, and it was nice to see them get excited about having a simple, pleasing textile project to get their teeth into.

I also made a couple of small FME pieces, having been inspired by the Talking Threads program that's been on Sky TV recently.

Too much watching Meerkat Manor on TV

And a couple more pieces went off for Chrismas presents too, which was nice.

At last!! I finished my socks!!


Fran├žoise said...

You've been busy! I like the tiny little socks and your FME pieces.

hippopip said...

Lovely work Sharon the the little socks are so sweet just wish that I could knit.

Julie said...

The cushion looks lovely and fresh Sharon. Cute little chocolate stockings too.