Sunday, 10 January 2010

Christmas and beyond

I can't believe it's been nearly a month since I posted, but then again that Christmas thing does seem to take over.

I suddenly got very busy making things with my latest new toy, which seems to have taken up a lot of my time since I bought it, the embroidery unit that is.

I made little bags for all the grown up girls in the family with computerised designs on them while I discovered some of the machine's previously hidden secrets. It took me 7 designs and much help and encouragement from the Bernina Central forum but at last I achieved a near perfect stitched design. Unfortunately I was in such a rush to wrap the Christmas presents I forgot to take pics, so no creative stuff from me this post.

Christmas was a wonderful family affair this year with a lovely Christmas day meal hosted by DD3 in her new house. No detail was overlooked in the lunch preparation, we all had beautiful place settings and even personal favors.

Of course us girls set to with the veg prep and used the the time for a good catch up.

L-R DD3 our DIL and me.

Meanwhile the men were on baby watch.

Or maybe not, " if she just lets go I'll be off then"

We had a great day and it was lovely not to have the responsibility of lunch, thanks to all who made it possible.

Granddad, youngest GS and big brother and Nanny, all shattered after a hectic day.

Boxing Day was busy too with a lovely party hosted by DD2, and we had a great Christmas tea with DD3 on the day before Christmas Eve, so the only cooking I did was on Christmas Eve for our DS and our lovely DIL.

And so to the snow, hmmmm......... it's getting extremely tedious now and seems to have prolonged that horrible flat feeling you get when Christmas is over. I can't seem to shake myself out of creative lethargy, I feel 'winter tired'.

But it has to be said, when the sun's on it, it really does look like a magical wonderland. Here's some pics of the forest around our home, where we've been marooned for a week.

Happy New year to everyone, hope it 's a successful and creative one.


Heather said...

Your new machine sounds fantastic and you have certainly made good use of it already. Lovely family Christmas and snowy landscape pics. I feel exactly as you do since the snow arrived - the novelty has definitely worn off now and I'd like it to be spring and to feel invigorated for a change. Keep warm and don't slip on the ice.

Fran├žoise said...

Lovely pictures of the snow, but I'm ready for spring too...
Have a happy and creative year!

Pat said...

Happy New Year,I look forward to seeing the output as you play with your new toy.

Julie said...

What a wonderful Christmas you had Sharon and what gorgeous photos of the beautiful Forest around you. I'm with you over the post Christmas winter blues. Apart from going to the doctor's I haven't been out since New Year's Day and I'm really fed up with all the ice that's laying about now. Roll on the Spring!

hippopip said...

Great photos of the snow you have had more than us,it has been melting today thankfully,Happy New year to you all.