Monday, 22 March 2010

".........because Nanny misses Bently"

Out of the mouths of babes......

My DD's and I had our belated coffee morning on Thursday and they gave me their lovely Mother's Day presents. I was extremely touched when my DD2 told me that when she went to buy my card her youngest DD, who's just turned 4 said she must buy me this lovely card, "because Nanny misses Bently", how's that for sensativity. And what a thoughtful present, just right for all the trips we can now make in our third age. I love those flamingos.

My DD1 bought me a beautiful early morning tea cup from the V&A designer collection, inspired by William Morris wallpaper, and of course my favourite chocs, all presented in this delightful bag.

And DD 3 bought me a lovely breakfast of Earl Grey tea and toasted tea cake and jam, what a lucky Mummy I am.

We do miss our lovely old dog it's true, and at the moment with our trips out we seem to see nothing but dog walkers, but I think in our hearts we both know that we have to give it time before we commit to another family member to care for, but it doesn't make the hole any smaller.

For now though I think I have plenty of things to keep me busy and our trips to the seaside have been wonderfully inspiring for my new course.

Here's a few more inspiration pics from our travels.

You can see where I took this here

And this is what they look like in closeup, definitely one for the texture file.


Heather said...

What lovely Mothers Day gifts you had - it's great to be spoilt isn't it and how sweet of your little granddaughter to pick that card for you. Wonderful inspiration pics - the sawn stump is amazing.

Jackie said...

I know all about that dog shaped hole..but when your children have left home getting a puppy is a difficult ties you and we haven't taken th eplunge yet almost a year since we lost Willow.