Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Proud Mum and Dad

The weekend before last our DD2 made us very proud when, following in her dad's footsteps, she ran her first 10k race in out local FC woodlands.
And this was her post on Facebook a few hours later
"Race results online! I came in at 53.02 - 27th out of 248 women who finished the 10K. Ecstatic with that for my first run :)))))"

We couldn't be more proud of her as this is the culmination of a long haul since January 2009 to loose weight and get herself fit. She has now lost over 7 stone and is achieving amazing results in her weight lifting routines, and general fitness regime.

What an achievement, well done Hannah.

Needless to say the waiting got a bit boring for the younger members of the family who came to give Mum some support.

Thought you might like to see how I spend my weekends, supporting my DH, well sometimes!

But it was worth it, he had 3 like this one.


Julie said...

Well done to your daughter! What an achievement! When I saw you in the 'tent' I thought that you were on a photo shoot ;o) What a whopper!

Laura said...

Well done to your daugther, Sharon! I'm battling with my weight myself so I know what an achievement that is!

hippopip said...

Well done your DD,brave you in a tent this weather although it has warmed up this W/E due to all that volcanic dust I expect!