Saturday, 12 April 2014

Plot catch up

I haven't had a catch up on the allotment for a while, so I thought I'd share a few pics, as spring is definitely here and ready to go!

the pear tree's in bloom

the artichokes are taking over

 the lovage is growing where it shouldn't  

but the hyacinth has made a comeback.

But my favourite shot is my new metal discovery from Burry Port beach.

And my second best is finally finding a home for the springs, eventually all these springs will have pots that hold shells, stones with holes in and other treasures, I love this :-)

Well that's quite enough about the garden, lets move inside to what is rapidly becoming my favourite place to be....

Yes you knew of course, the summerhouse, where eccentricity knows no bounds. The bunting along the roof was my very first finished piece for the C&G diploma, I've been looking for a home for them ever since I made them.

This is a machine and hand stitched lace sample mounted in a rusted bucket handle found on the beach.

The last of last year's lavender harvest neatly tied to grace the lovely bag my flowers came in from my son and family on mother's day.

Our beautiful garden gives us such a great place to entertain guests and we were so lucky to get the sun this week.

I think someone is a bit hungry!

Good job too as there was lots of work to be done building the dam on our walk through the wood that borders the allotment.

And finally a bit more pottering with a sample I'd always liked, and also a wonderful tassel that a fellow blogger gave me a long time ago. Sadly I've lost touch with her now. How lovely it is to have a special place to hang these  pieces.


Heather said...

The allotment is greening up nicely and your summerhouse is beginning to resemble a gallery. I love the metal beach find and the idea to fill the springs with pots of 'treasures' is great.

Pat said...

Oh my goodness, now it is a gallery as well as a magical hideaway. Love the metal piece and the springs, wonderful idea.

Julie said...

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your allotment tonight. Your summerhouse is looking beautiful and it's lovely to have it so full of special things. That metal chain looks a heavy trophy to haul back from the beach :-)

karen said...

your summerhouse looks like my idea of heaven! If it were mine the door would be locked...I'm thinking solitude...