Saturday, 5 April 2014


Verdi, my gorgeous bunny has arrived  from the lovely Vivienne :-)

Isn't she just beautiful.....

And guess who was at our home to welcome her too?

Our second to youngest Grandson, who noticed that after I'd unpacked her from her  travelling box.....

that there was a chocolate egg waiting for someone, but "who?" he said, "I wonder", said I, "Maybe if you hold Verdi nicely for a photo it might be for you", and as he's a chocoholic, he did a wonderful job.

Poor Verdi had to stay at home as we were going out for a lovely superbly cooked homemade meal with his mummy and daddy, so I gave her a kiss and said goodbye, hoping that my other special friends would look after her.

We had such a lovely evening with lots of wonderful food and too much wine, which always leads to a great deal of silliness. It was our son in law's birthday so of course there was cake too with the usual silly version of the happy birthday song.

Before we left this morning we were treated to a superb English breakfast and our grandson decided he wanted to show me his Easter bonnet and rabbit impression, so of course I had to show you!!

Thank you all for a wonderful sleepover.

It wasn't just Verdi that arrived this week, my Mother's Day presents kept coming too, as I'd been away for the actual day.

Beautiful flowers, hand made soaps and heart shaped cookie from my eldest daughter Pru, cookie's been demolished and gorgeous soap used for my relaxing bath.

And a wonderful selection of fruit teas from my youngest daughter Nikki, also already opened and tried, these won't last long. I just love the aromas and calm feeling you have when you sip them.

I'm so lucky that my children know my weaknesses so well, thank you all.

After all that excitement I was looking forward to a nice chill out at the allotment today, but just look who got there before me .......

what no tea.....

clever me I've done a sketch for you ....

Oh do put the kettle on

Excuse me.... I think that's my seat, I suppose  you want one of your own :-) I just knew you'd be trouble.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Haha, I'm glad to see that Verdi has settled in and made herself completely at home!! :)
V xxx

Françoise said...

A wonderful week you've had! (I speak like Master Yoda now ;-)).
Verdi looks very happy in her new home. Have a nice Sunday.

Pat said...

I did warn you that you would have to watch the lettuce but she looks as though she would prefer a cup cake with her tea.

Heather said...

Verdi is so sweet and looks very much at home in your summerhouse. Lovely pics, as usual.