Saturday, 30 August 2014


For the past few days my daughters, their children and I have been on a camping trip, yes, braving the rain, winds and cold nights, we still managed to have a great time.

We kept warm in the evenings with the help of a lovely warm fire pit.....

And of course the obligatory toasted marshmallows.....

To warm ourselves up even more my granddaughter  Beth (above right) took some of us for amazing spa day at Centre Parks where she works.

Thanks very much to those who stayed behind and baby/dog sat.

Our whole group had a lovely day out at  Longleat  where we went on safari.....

 Luckily the monkeys didn't like our car after having examined it, but did take the trim off the roof of my daughter, Hannah's car, fortunately it clipped back into place.

We got to feed the deer, which the children loved.

We were lucky to experience a mixed bag of weather with sunshine after the showers.

And I was lucky enough to catch this amazing double full rainbow after a particularly heavy downpour.

Our youngest member of the pack was very brave and did a scary bike stunt one night in the dark with another camper's headlight on to show the way.

We all whooped and cheered hugely, much to his delight.

We topped off our trip with a shopping trip to the amazing shops in Frome, Dorset...

Where I bought beads, shoes, dribbled over patchwork fabrics and lace and was bought a lovely passionflower tea by my daughter Pru in an amazing well being shop.

Thank you all, daughters and grandchildren for spoiling me and making this year's camping trip so special.


Heather said...

What a lovely experience for you all in spite of the indifferent weather. If it had been fine you wouldn't have seen that wonderful rainbow.

Gina said...

It does sound wonderful but camping is still not for me!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

What an amazing rainbow photo, well done!
Sounds like you had a fun time. :£
V x

Pat said...

Fab rainbow photograph.