Thursday, 27 November 2008

2 exhibitions and a Christmas card

Just to confirm I'm still in Blogland, but have been soooo...... busy for the last few weeks that I just haven't had any time to post and barely any time to read anyone else's.

The Allen Gallery, Alton, Hants

The Forestry Commission, Hants

I've been involved in staging 2 exhibitions, one with a friend and the other with my OH and another friend.

Plus my DD2 saw a couple of PC's that I'd made with some of her left over fabric from the baby slings, one of which you can see the method of contstruction for on the CG blog here, and promptly commissioned me to make her business Christmas cards for Connecta, so as you can imagine my feet haven't touched the ground.

We also had DD3 and her baby son to stay this week as she's having her bathroom and kitchen gutted at home, so I'm afriad our latest GS who is now 9 months old was rather a delightful distraction.

We're off to see DS1 and his DF this w\e so after a lovely chill out I hope to be back to normal next week :-)


Helen Suzanne said...

Hi Sharon,
The exhibitions look wonderful. Did you have gala openings ;)) It would be wonderful to see all the work. Goodness it must have taken you ages to do all that between you! Well done

Carol said...

Congratulations on your exhibitions Sharon, they look wonderful you certainly have been busy

Heather said...

The exhibitions look great and I love the postcard. No wonder you haven't had time for blogging. I will look in again when you have had time for a breather.

Julie said...

Glad to hear you're ok sharon. The exhibitions look great. have a lovely weeekend :o)

Aussie Jo said...

Great work Sharon, no wonder you haven't been blogging. Love the postcard

hippopip said...

Great to have you back, now I know why you seem to have been quiet on the airways rushed off your feet in the real life.

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

You will probably be back home by now. Hope you had a good weekend in spite of the cold. It has been very frosty up here.
Well done managing two exhibitions.

Ro Bruhn said...

Congratulations, what a fabulous looking show. Love your circles in your art piece.

Debbi Baker said...

The show looks fabulous!! Look forward to you being back in circulation (having just got back there myself!)

Becky Vigor said...

The exhibitions look great, well done, and on the commission too. I grew up in Basingstoke (I think we've had this conversation before!) so it's nice to see mention of Alton.