Tuesday, 3 February 2009

For our friends in Australia

In an effort to cool down some of our friends in Australia who have been suffering ferocious temperatures over the past weeks I thought I'd put up a few pics of our unusually cold weather conditions in southern England, we haven't had snow like this for about 20 years.

This is what it looked like at midday today, poor old Rosie (the dub) hasn't been too well lately and this must be the last straw, after being called an 'old bus', by a motorway patrol cop when we had to resort to the hard shoulder on the way back from Cardiff because she lost power completely, well she showed him anyway because after a short stop she shot off at 70mph!!!!!
I think she's really upset with all our talk of getting a bigger van next year.

The poor old dog won't go outside unless I go with him and the chickens haven't been out of their coops for two days.

The sheep seem to be totally confused, they walked all the way across the field up to their bellies and then went back again.

And as for the birds, well they're just in a feeding frenzy, and now it's freezing again out there, so goodness knows what the weather will throw at us tomorrow.


Julie said...

What a wonderful photograph of the sheep in line! They made me smile. You look as though you've had a similar amount of snow to us. I wonder if ther is more on the way as they are promising? You can have too much of a good thing lol!

Julie said...

I've just seen all the birdfeeders in your first photo. They must have a feast with you! We have a bluetit showing a lot of interest in our birdbox so maybe we'll get some babies this year.

Jenn Jilks said...

We are so sorry to see your big snow storm. In Canada have the infrastructure in place. Today I took the cats for a walk by the frozen lake. When you are not used to the snow - it is terribly difficult!

Aussie Jo said...

Thanks for cooling us off Sharon.The photos are amazing, your snow is so deep!
Today was 33C, tomorrow 30, Friday & Saturday will be mid 30's. It's looking like a very hot February, but the biggest problem is the fires.In Gippsland 30 homes have been lost, all because of a firebug. In our Neighbourhood Watch newsletter, the local fire brigades have listed 30 call outs for just January!

Fran├žoise said...

Wow! Impressive!
Here, we only have a few centimeters, and it doesn't stay on the road (which I much prefer).
My old dog likes the snow a lot. He wants to be outside all day long.

Heather said...

It looks as if you have had your ration of snow plus someone else's! It is very picturesque but does make life difficult. Perhaps I'm just getting to be an old kill-joy. Beautiful photos though.

Debbi Baker said...

Wow what fabulous photos and SO much snow!! I just can't imagine it, especially as it was 42 degrees here today.