Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Ikea virgin

Last Thursday Ikea opened a new store in Southampton, which is about an hour south of where we live. As my DD2 had never been, I don't know how that happened, my OH and I decided to make it a day out with her on Monday. We thought we'd be clever and go on Monday after the weekend rush, big mistake.

We knew we were in trouble when we arrived to full signs in most of the major car parks including Ikea's. Undaunted and with a very excited DD in tow ( just like the old days) we headed for the entrance on foot.

It's very swish with travelators that take you up to the third floor where you enter the store. That's when we realised just how many other people had had the same idea. Still it didn't dampen our enjoyment of a very rare opportunity to all be out together sans children.

After having a good look round the living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms etc we were ready for lunch, oh dear!!! The queue was enormous and I could definitely see my poor OH thinking, "if only that gas engineer had been a few minutes later at the house I would still be at home waiting for him." It took us an hour in the lunch queue, but it was worth it in the end, the food was good and welcome.

We couldn't hold our DD back from her mission any longer and headed straight for the fabric dept. where she bought these wonderful fabrics for her new range of Connecta baby carriers. I think there were a few more but it had all become a blur by this time.

So guess what Mummy'll be doing next week?

I was very restrained and just bought some calico, very boring but amazingly cheap at £1.57pm, BTW all the above fabics are under £4.0pm and are 150cm wide, you can see them here.

Despite the crowds and the queue for lunch we had a great day out together, and I found out today that our DD went there again yesterday to get even more stuff!!


Heather said...

Those fabrics are gorgeous and calico at that price can't be bad. I always get lost in our Ikea in Bristol but my daughters and friends often go there and love it. I love what they sell but can't face the trudging round and then queueing for ages to pay for it. I've become lazy in my old age!

Heather said...
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hippopip said...

I agree with Heather,I come out very bad tempered but there calico is worth going for.

chrissythreads said...
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Celia said...

Ah - you live in my neck of the woods.

We have decided that when we go to the new IKEA we'll go by train [there's a free bus service to Ikea from the station!]

Shirley Goodwin said...

We don't have Ikea in New Zealand and apaprently they've canned plans to open a store here. What a great Valentine's Day.

Jenn Jilks said...

I love Ikea fabrics. We have several stores in Canada. I made curtains a kazillion years ago and they are still going strong, despite several moves. I finally had to give it away - tired of the fabric, someone could use it!

fiona d said...

I like a lot of the Ikea stuff but I'm always desperate to get out about 3 minutes after going in! I have to go there for a table next time we're in Glasgow so I'll be looking out for the calico.