Thursday, 12 February 2009

Keeping it in the family

I thought you might like to see the latest shot that my brother in law put up on one of the photo groups he and my OH belong to. I think it must be in the genes, this eye for a good pic.

I'm still beavering away with the finishing touches to the C&G and although it's out of sequence I thought I'd put up my last final piece as I was rather pleased with the pic, a great rarity for me as I'm married to such a good photographer.

This little bag was inspired by the shirts worn by the Plains Indians who wore them during the performance of the Ghost Dance. This was a ritual dance that they believed would help them bring back the old ways of a life of hard work and peace which they had been used to before they were confined to the reservations.

The circles represent the earth and the stars the heavens, I constructed it from indigo dyed muslin, discharge dyed cotton for the circles and Procion dyed cotton scrim. The lining is Indian cotton and the stars are silk organza. The beads are polished stones.

It will contain special items that have a significant meaning and power for the dancer. It has been constructed with the idea of it being made by the dancer’s wife in the spirit of protection.

The piece is small enough to tie to a belt at 11cm x 8cm.

I will post up more pieces as I get into the marathon task of photographing all the work for an on-line assessment, thank goodness I started blogging in module 3 as at least I have good documentation from then on.


hippopip said...

I love the heavenly colours of your bag looking forward to seeing the rest

Heather said...

Your brother-in-law's photo of the robins is delightful - clever chap. I love the whole concept of your Indian bag and the fact that you have dyed all the fabrics makes it even more special.

Julie said...

You're right Sharon, it's a lovely photograph and it's a beautiful bag too. You've staged the photo beautifully with the shells and feathers. Such a tiny bag!

Anonymous said...

I love the bag, especially the idea of putting things in it to protect the dancer.
And the photo of the robins too. I love those little birds. It always makes me happy to see one.

Fran├žoise said...

Beautiful little bag! I love the colours very much.
The picture of the robins is nice too, although I'm geting a bit tired of the snow this year...

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Almost there. Well done.
Love the little bag and a well constructed still life image too. Look forward to the rest.

Debbi Baker said...

The birds are stunning! And your little bag is terrific - you must be getting close to finishing your C&G! You have done so well - very inspiring.