Thursday, 26 January 2012

Birthday celebrations and more walks

On Tuesday this week it was my DH's birthday, so over the weekend we had celebrations with the family.

We started off with DD3 and had a beautiful lamb roast and a little too much celebratory wine, so next morning we decided to take ourselves for a nice walk up the hill and down the other side.

And of course it was such hard work we had to have a birthday coffee and cake, well I didn't have the cake as our DD had served a wonderful full English breakfast less than 2 hours before.

On the way back I was looking for pattern shots and took this one in desperation ........

.......not knowing what was in the wood yard just round the next bend.

Apparently they made this in the quiet period, just for fun, isn't that wonderful, it even has inside accommodation.

On our way home, I spotted the "old man's beard" and couldn't resist this shot.

Our next visit was to DD2 who'd been very busy with her children making a birthday cake and cards.

Don't they look proud.

The following day it was the turn of DD1, but before we went there we had another walk and as I thought I'd left my camera with DD2 I had to use my phone to take the next 2 shots, I found it in my hand bag later, another senior moment.

We had a lovely visit to our DD who'd also been baking, and listening to Grandad's tall tales of how old he was to one of her sons.

We had a lovely roast dinner, so no cooking for me again, what a great weekend.

And there's more to come with a very special present soon to arrive from our son for his Dad.

So thank you all so much for a wonderful birthday weekend.


Heather said...

What a wonderful weekend you all had, and the photos are beautiful - I especially like the wood-stack hut and the old-man's-beard. Is your husband off to the gym now after all that cake, etc.?!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon, I tried to post on your other blog but somehow it won't accept. Wanted to say that I really admire your work and all the hours you are putting in! You are very talented. I'm a huge fan of knitting and love what you are doing.