Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A walk in the mud

Well what a turn around in the weather. Yesterday was all sunshine and a blessed relief from the grey days of winter, and today was like the end of a hurricane, Im so glad we took advantage of the sun yesterday to get a very muddy walk.

When we saw the state of the path we should have been expecting what came next.

Why didn't I buy those wellies instead of snow boots.

But we trudged on over the field and were finally rewarded with this.

And a little further down the path there was this lovely collection on mini fungi.

I bet these aren't there today after that savage wind.

I couldn't resist these lovely old trees against the such a blue sky, I hope they're still standing.

And lastly on our way back home I spotted this lovely fence that they're laying opposite some very swish allotments that we have our name on the list for, maybe one day.

A belated happy New Year to all the bloggers and family who are kind enough to drop in and browse on my blogs.


Heather said...

You put me to shame - I have been so lazy since Christmas. Lovely photos - I love fungi and there is something very special about a properly laid hedge.

Julie said...

Happy New Year Sharon. Your walk looked very beautiful despite the mud. I hope your snow boots survived! ;-) I love to see properly layered hedge too, those flailed ones always look so wounded.

Fran├žoise said...

Happy New Year to you!
The weather has been terrible here, rain, wind and even hail. Tomorrow should be better. Maybe we can have a walk in the mud too. :-)