Friday, 13 January 2012

Dungeness again

The weather changed and the illnesses retreated so we've escaped to our favourite bolt hole, Dungeness, it's like coming home for me, I start relaxing the minute we drive up the road.

We had a lovely pink sky on Wednesday after we arrived at about 3.0pm

And then the following morning we woke to this sky

It's not a great pic because it was too cold to go outside, so I took it through a dirty window.

This one just epitomises the place.

As does this one

And this was in a deserted garden

and this isn't lace as I first thought, but a star fish !

See you all soon.


Heather said...

Beautiful photos, and even the decay and debris on the beach looks artistic and interesting. Glad you are both better.

Gina said...

That starfish is stunning!