Saturday, 19 January 2013

Cabin Fever

We were really feeling the effects of cabin fever today, we cannot get out of our drive and and down the road as one is masquerading as a skating rink, the other a ski slope.

So we decided to have a walk and see what our allotment looked like in the snow....

Seems no-one is as daft as us these were our footprints, the only ones on the site.

I must admit I got side tracked with our neighbour's summer house,

Hmm... I want one, 

So when I got home I made one up, complete with raised beds, potatoes in their tubs, lettuces, onions, sweet peas and of course artichokes, don't suppose the gardener will approve of my choices ;-)

I got further side tracked with some texture shots.

And the bargain of the week were these planters that we saw in a local flower shop £5.0 for 2.

We were so pleased that on the way home we bought another 2, one of which is now housing our sweet pea seeds on a lovely warm window ledge, with nice warm compost for them to dangle their toes in, now you see what cabin fever has done.......


Heather said...

Well that was far more productive than sitting at home, gnashing your teeth! The weather is being cruel shutting everything down just as you have got your allotment - a real test for your patience. I love the summer house and your drawing, and with those planters already in use you'll have a head start with your seedlings.

Mike Young ARPS said...

Like the artistic impression, you forgot to mention Carrots, Parsnips, Strawberries, Beetroot and Cabbages