Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Synchronicity and bad spelling

Had a lovely impromptu coffee chat with our DD1 this morning and while chatting about my current textile project, the lace panels, she commented on my latest piece which was still pinned on the plastic backing waiting to dry.

 She said she really liked the plastic backing, which I said was't part of the lace, but it made me think and when I peeled it away it still had a lot of the PVA water soluble backing still there, and instead of re-washing it I looked more closely and really liked the effect.

You can see it best in the circles in this pic.

So thank you for your input DD1, but not for the telling off for my embarrassing spelling, trouble is I don't always have a spell check on the posts that I put up and since having one with Blogger I've forgotten how to spell, and worse still I don't have a dictionary, so I think the answer is to look at the correct spelling and remember it. And yes I know that this sentence was too long ;-) Talk about pay back, I feel like I'll be having my homework checked on every post!

Anyway back to the creative thing, I thought I'd show you panel 16 (there will be 20 in all) as I think I'm getting the hang of it now.

This will look a lot different when the W/S backing has been washed away.

And this is what they look like after washing and waiting to dry.

Hopefully if all goes well I will be able to reveal the finished piece in a couple of weeks.

PS I have proof read this post, but promise nothing :-)


Mike Young ARPS said...

This has been a fascinating project to watch develop, the panels are exquisite, can't wait to see the finished piece.

Heather said...

The plastic residue gives these pieces an icy look - very topical! They are gorgeous and all together can only create a wonderful piece of work. Looking forward to seeing them when completed.
My spelling has gone into decline - I used to be very good but now have a dictionary beside the laptop, just in case! I don't trust spellcheck as I get a wiggly line under that word!!

karen said...

spelling looks tip top to me!!! I adore this work...the lacy shapes. It is beautiful