Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Allotment red alert, and art therapy

While we were away from our allotment yesterday, we were told that someone had visited the next door plot looking very interested in renting it......... Oh no! So we're now being very positive and hoping that they weren't as keen as one of our neighbours thought, roll on next Wednesday, when hopefully we find out.

On a positive note look what I found in my local charity shop, this lovely vase to go with the tea cups I found the other day, maybe it's a good omen.

We were also lucky enough to spot some very large pallets on a building site in town and after asking the site foreman if they were going begging my DH carried one back to the allotment, no mean feat considering how heavy they were. Fortunately we had our grandson over for a couple of days and he bravely helped his granddad carry 4 more back to the plot.

If that wasn't enough today he took on the job of taking the pallets apart and pulling out the nails, what a good chap. Thank you very much :-)

And as to my contribution, I potted on some possible hyacinth bulbs that got dug up during plot digging, and brought a pic-nic lunch for us all.

Hope they survive the transplanting.

And now for some art work. With my lovely new easel that my DH bought me for Christmas I've been able to return to the exploration of large scale sketching again, A2 to start with. I set up a still life and took the plunge, it's been many years since I worked on anything bigger than A4, so this was quite a new experience. I tried to remember the things I had been taught in my art classes back in the early '90's, not an easy thing when the memory's not as good as it used to be.

I tried to keep it loose, but wasn't that pleased with the result so I put it into iPhoto and put a paint filter on it, which loosened it up a lot more.

The original sketch was done with oil pastels and charcoal pencil, but I much prefer this one that has a more painterly feel, so maybe that might be the way to go next time.

And this one was the same sketch but using a Grunge app, which was great fun and the filters do give an idea of what a distressed treatment would produce.

And  today I had another go with a different still life, this time using chalk pastels, oil pastels and charcoal.

It'll be a slow journey back to working this size and bigger again, but it is a lovely feeling to be able to use your whole body to get the shapes you're trying to create.



Heather said...

Fingers crossed that you will get the next allotment. Handy to have a tough-guy grandson to give a hand. Your sketches are so good - I'd be overwhelmed by such a large piece of paper.

Julie said...

You've made amazing inroads into your allotment, it's looking very trim. Your plans for a summerhouse sound wonderful too, I hope you are lucky with the neighbouring plot. Fingers crossed.

My brain is refusing to give me the name of the French artist that your drawings remind me of, it will come to me later and you probably know anyway. Ok I remember, it's Matisse! They look good and have lots of energy. Keep up the good work!

karen said...

well I love your artwork and think you are being way too hard on yourself. I also love Hyacinth's, they have such a wonderful fragrance.

Mike Young ARPS said...

Cracking sketches, loving the colours ! Can't wait to see the china on the Summerhouse table, better get cracking and build it :)