Friday, 15 February 2013

Life without boundaries

This last week has been very strange, as you can imagine. For the first time in three years I have no deadlines to make, so I've created them for myself.

I've been manically clearing and tidying everything in sight, even my threads are all evenly spaced with no ends dangling, they wouldn't dare in the current climate, which will of course change when a new wind blows in.

In the meantime there has been lots to do and supervise in the allotment of course, you do have to keep an eye on the staff and make sure they're not slacking.

I do get my hands dirty occasionally, well the gloves anyway.

Looking forward to painting this a nice National Trust green I think.

Now some of you who have been paying close attention will remember that we have had our eye on the next door plot and so far the news is that it is up for reallocation, but there is now a 2 week period for anyone to apply to swap to it if they're a current plot holder and they want to move, so fingers tightly crossed the no-one wants it and it will be ours.

So in the spirit of positive thinking I give you the corner logs/bricks of the summerhouse.

And the boundary (white square) of my personal part of the plot, what do you think of it so far?

So foundations laid, plot division agreed, onto the colour scheme, I'm going to use this lovely Proven├žal  fabric for the furnishings and the summerhouse colour scheme, Ultramarine blue and Windsor yellow I think for accent colour......oooo, I can feel a Kirsty mood board coming on, and the icing on the cake were these wonderful cups and saucers we saw in the charity shop, there were 4 in all, 2 for us and 2 for guests. The lady in the shop thought they were perfect for an allotment summerhouse. So do we so please wish us luck for next Wednesday week.



Heather said...

What a transformation! Hard to believe that this is the same plot that you showed us a few weeks back - lots of hard work there. The summerhouse colours are gorgeous and I would love to pop in for a cuppa from those lovely cups - full of summertime. I do hope we get one this year and that you will be relaxing in the shade instead of diving for cover from the rain! Your dreams are taking shape beautifully - fingers crossed for the next part.

Hannah said...

Wow, the allotment is looking fantastic! I can"t believe how much you've managed to achieve in such a short space of time! Any news on the other plot?