Friday, 8 February 2013

Finished at last

I've finished my assessment piece at last.

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad

It took 166 hours and 12 weeks to complete!

The piece is now residing in our small hall where it adds light and interest to what is a very functional area.

It also throws some lovely shadows onto the ceiling 

Needless to say it was a very difficult piece to photograph so I made a short video which I hope will show it off better.

The ceiling shadows show well right at the end of the video where the colour is just right.

If anyone wants to see more, the full story is here

As this is quite a pivotal  moment for me having now finished my C&G diploma course, I wanted to thank the people who made it possible for me to do it , and of course first in the queue is my long suffering DH, who has supported me throughout this creative journey that started with the first C&G in fashion in 1989 and has continued ever since, through a degree in fashion and textiles and on to my C&G courses in embroidery, I couldn't have done it without you :-) 

Nor could I have made it without the support of my amazing children and who each in turn kept me going when I really didn't want to continue, with a common sense that sometimes seemed to go well beyond their years, thanks to all of you :-) And a special thanks to grandson Ben who worked with me on a couple of pieces.

And last but by no means least thanks to my friend Carrol who never lets me take myself seriously and all my blogger friends who have never stinted with their encouraging comments and helpful experience and advice.  


Mike Young ARPS said...

This is a superb addition to our entrance hall, the piece is an exquisite functional work of art that turns the area into a constantly changing place of interest and tranquility.I see something different about it every time I look. Congratulations on finishing an excellent project. You've worked incredibly hard on it, and it has been so worthwhile.

Heather said...

I am in awe of your achievement with this piece. It is stunning, beautiful and something very special. It will be a wonderful feature of your home for many years to come and a testament to all your skill and hard work.

sharon young said...

A comment sent from my son.

Love your final piece. It looks very organic like the web or nest of some creature. Very beautiful too though, you don't quite know what you're looking at which is pretty unusual. Its like a work of art that's got a story within it. Well done. :-)

Julie said...

Congratulations on finishing your diploma Sharon and on your very beautiful lamp installation, it looks just right raised up on the stand and I love the changing colours. The ceiling shadows are magical! You will have a wonderful reminder of your great achievement for years to come. Well done :-) I think you've earned some time on your allotment! x

ANNA said...

Well done these lights are beautiful. Thanks for commenting on my costumes - they are just for my pleasure not for any production.

ferinn said...

Congratulations on completion.The reflections are lovely and the colours show up the stitching to wonderful effect,well done.

Jacquelines blog said...

WOW, what else can I say...congratulations.

Pru said...

What a fabulous, stunning finale to your diploma. You have created a piece that has both strength and exquisite delicacy. The combination of opaque and transparent, along with the texture of stitch and your choice media have culminated in an almost ethereal art work. I hesitate to call it a sculpture, because i think it is more than that. When the light is on, as Julie says, the effect is magical.
Now make another one like it for me.

Thimble Fingers said...

What a superb piece of art work, functionality and talent - it looks just brilliant. Well done! Congratulations on completing your Diploma, I know what a lot of hard work and frustrations go into the work you do, and what a huge relief it must be to you. Sit back and enjoy for a while, and be very proud of yourself, you deserve it.