Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Sunshine and gardening

As some of you will know by now we were successful in getting our second allotment, which now gives us enough room for food production and and a bit of a garden as well.

I wonder if our success had anything to do with this little lady I found in a charity shop, well where else, who will come with the cups and vase to the live in the summerhouse of my dreams.

Needless to say she has a name, Freda the frog-pot.

As it was so sunny we spent the whole day on the allotment today, marking out the summerhouse plot,

and placing my raised beds,

rescuing some fennel,

and probably a stray rose, or hopefully a gooseberry bush. So all in all a very productive day.


1 comment:

Heather said...

Freda will certainly grace your summerhouse and provide much needed tea during the year. What a glorious day it has been - glad you were able to make such good use of it. The plots are really taking shape now.
I need to get in training and not conk out before I have done all I want to do in the garden. What a shame we are back to wet and windy for goodness knows how long.