Monday, 11 March 2013

Very Spoilt

I hope all you mums out there had a lovely Mothers' Day yesterday.

Mine started with a knock at the door, so being lazy I asked the butler to go, thinking it was a neighbour with some newspapers for the garden, imagine my surprise when he returned and announced "There's a parcel for you Madam",  "for me, surely not", I replied but there it was......

Now who could this be from, I wonder....

Beautiful carnations from our son and little grandson, and some spending money at the florist too, thank you both, they're beautiful.

By the time I'd got over the shock and arranged the flowers, the chauffeur had arrived (AKA DH) to whisk me off to lunch at our daughter Hannah's house.

We had a lovely get together, lots of wonderful food with the star of the show being this 3 tiered sponge extravaganza made by Hannah.

We had lots of cake as it's always a family favourite, but still found room for trifle, more gateau, followed by afternoon tea with scones and jam.

Of course us mums all had to have a group photo, we're one short as our son and family couldn't make it down so we were missing Sue, our newest Mummy.

And then there were presents, what a spoilt Mum.

What a wonderful thoughtful set of presents, I'll talk you through. The Russian dolls on the left are American cup measures from Nicola, who remembered that I'd given mine away when we moved. My daughter Pru gave me a present recently of an early '80's Better Homes and gardens cookbook, which is American and all in cups, so the perfect gift. Thank you Nic.

Moving right, this beautiful satin embroidered bag from Hannah is the perfect size for my new A4 sketchbook, or any other posh book that I carry about on my travels and want to keep safe. Her second present is the lap tray in the front, but look what it transforms into when you turn it over, a giant pin cushion, with a turntable top, absolutely great for holding pieces while you sew, or damp stretching small samples. I used it today to help control some difficult needle lace, it was perfect. Thank you Hannah.

And finally from Pru this lovely tea bag holder plus squeezy tongs for the tea bag and green tea. I'm very much a tea addict, it's a very calming ritual, as you've probably guessed by my obsession with tea time paraphernalia for the summerhouse. Thank you Pru, my peppermint tea was so much nicer this evening.

What an inspired collection of presents. 


Heather said...

I had a lovely day and was showered with gifts too Sharon - flowers, chocs, lovely mosaic coasters, a sculpted metal robin, and some toiletries. Aren't we the lucky ones?!

Mike Young ARPS said...

Butler eh!.... are you sure it wasn't the gardener !....................;-)