Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A little TLC

It seems some things in life are destined to be a little neglected, one of which appears to be my everyday blog, probably because most of my time is spent making work to fill the pages of my other one 

Still I'm here now with pics that have been waiting patiently for an airing, not least a much needed TLC session in the summerhouse.

I got fed up with waiting for myself to finish the painting and decided to dress the inside with all the lovely things we'd collected before we even had it.

Our lovely sunny tea/coffee set,  I thought we'd only got 2 cups so that was a nice surprise.

Jazzy pegs, almost forgotten.

....and who could forget Frederica the lovely frog pot? and 2 gorgeous boxes which once housed equally gorgeous mugs from our daughter Pru, now they house dried peppermint tea, yummy!

.....the clock gently ticks the time away and reminds us when it's teatime.

Ooo! is is that time already?

And through 'the square window' (on its side), you might be lucky and see the fairies who live here when we don't, and put all the things back in the wrong place.

The lovely purple rag rugs given to us by our lovely friend Carrol will soon be matched by a new purple cover for the rocking chair, courtesy of lots of wonderful cotton corduroy donated by our super daughter, Hannah.

We have had some wonderful respite mornings and afternoons lately, when the sun poked its head out from behind a cloud. 

Another little tale of TLC was a lovely family walk we had at a local beauty spot. What you can see in the distance is the traces of a main road as it used to make its way round the hill before a tunnel was built.

We all had to walk fast as it was bitterly cold...

....but what a lovely comforting sight met us round the corner...

...the remnants of a bonfire that the land clearers had left gave us enough warmth to make our way back.

...but not before I shot this lovely textured log.

And one more act of TLC that mustn't go unmentioned was a gift of superb Earl Grey leaf tea bought for us by our daughter Nicola at the Christmas fair on sunday. It's such a treat to wake up to, here's their website if you should be tempted Tiger Spring Tea


Heather said...

Your summerhouse is looking so welcoming and pretty. It is obviously fast becoming an all-year-round house! Lovely pics and how fortuitous to find that bonfire waiting to warm you all up.

Pat said...

What a magical place you have created in the summerhouse.Perfect for a little stitching or gentle coversation with a cup of tea and,perhaps, a fairy cake.

Julie said...

The summerhouse is looking very inviting and how lovely to spend time with your family and get a warm by the fire too.

Fran├žoise said...

Lovely pictures Sharon.
Your summerhouse is so pretty. Can you use it in the winter?