Sunday, 8 December 2013

A lovely surprise

On Friday we went down to the allotment again as the sun was shining and it was forecast to be a nice day. While waiting for the coffee to brew I thought I'd have a play with the laminate flooring that our son and daughter in law gave us when they moved into their new house. Needless to say I was clueless as to how to fix the boards together, and a after a cup of coffee my DH decided he'd have a go........ just a test you understand.

The deal was that I had to finish making the window dressing curtains for the flat that I'd started 3 years ago, before he would lay the floor, anyway I wasn't sure I liked it. However a change of pattern orientation and properly fixed, I was over the moon with the little sample piece he'd completed.

And guess what, he's almost finished the job, what a sweetie! At least 2 weeks worth of brownie points I think....

I'm showing off here..... had you guessed?

Well, we all know that  the way to a man's heart is a good lunch, don't we girls?

Who'd have thought we could eat outside in the sunshine in December, we have such a lovely sun trap here and the summerhouse gets really toasty too.

But this won't get the floor done. There was a reason for this pic of our eaten lunch, I forgot to lay out these fantastic sunny napkins bought for us by our friend Carrol.

And so to the almost finished floor...

Doesn't it look brilliant! On a practical note it will keep out the dust, be so much easier to keep clean and help to insulate the summerhouse.

Oh yes..... and the curtains are definitely promised for immediately after Christmas 2016.... oops! I mean 20014.

A huge thank you to my DH for such an unexpected surprise, I love the result. Thank you too to Dan and Sue for the flooring, and to all our family and friends who've given us so many lovely treasures for our special little retreat.


Heather said...

Gracious living alfresco style! That's a mini palace you have there and the flooring looks great. No wonder you love going to the allotment - I would too.

Gina said...

It looks wonderful!

Pat said...

When can I move in?

Fran├žoise said...

I can't believe you're still eating outside! It's so cold and windy here!

Sweetpea said...

Absolutely TERRIF!
very envious of your warm & toasty space [not to mention that lunch] ... many a happy hour will be spent in that cozy retreat, no doubt ;>]