Monday, 26 May 2008

Exhibition finish and B-day

Off you go bus driver!!

Well that’s that all over and I can get on with other things again.
We had a really good social time at the exhibition, and were extraordinarily lucky with the weather. Unfortunately we didn’t inspire the general public to buy out art this time, but our friends and family were delighted with our new work, resulting in 2 sales of a new lino print created by Shirley, she doesn’t blog, but you can see a few examples of her work here. I sold some of my art cards and Mike sold a beautiful elephant print, in between dashing out taking pics of the man next door’s birds of prey. He couldn’t resist holding this beautiful buzzard, Bronwyn, who is a staggering 21 years old, they only live to about 5 in the wild.

I wasn’t too bothered at the lack of sales as yesterday was my B-day and all our children (bar DD3 who’s on holiday in France) came to the show, and thanks to a change in the weather we were able to have a lovely relaxing afternoon enjoying the show and talking to interested people about our work.

We finished the day with an indoor BBQ (weather had failed by then) and I had some lovely B-presents from my family.

My lovely ring bought by my equally lovely OH.

A lovely pair of designer pewter earings from my DS and his DF, from my favorite gallery in Cardiff.

These 2 fantastic books form DD1, the second one being very kindly recommended by Carol

And lastly a year's subscription to the great Cloth Paper Scissors magazine from DD2, so how spoiled am I ???

So in a way it was more a w\e of relaxation than hard work which gave me a chance to see my new work in an exhibition context. This helped me decide on my next direction and showed me that I need to concentrate on my textiles/stitch if I am to create a cohesive collection for further events. I’m still a bit woolly as to a definite direction, but I think that’s not a particularly bad thing, as hopefully it will engender a bit of tension and surprise in my future pieces.


Julie said...

Glad you had a lovely birthday Sharon and such wonderful presents! I'm jealous, especially of the books!

Carol said...

Lovely birthday and lovely presents, very thoughtful and considerate your lot! Hope the Traci B book pushes your creative buttons!

Doreen G said...

You sure did hit the jackpot this time Sharon--and happy birthday as well.

hippopip said...

Happy Birthday Sharon, lovely presents the ring is beautiful, The painted quilt is a great book I have had a go at painting and discharging small quilted pieces but have to get up the confidence for a bigger one.

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Happy birthday

Pat said...

Belated Happy Birthday,Sharon. Great presents.

Ro Bruhn said...

Happy Birthday Sharon. Glad you enjoyed your exhibition, sorry there weren't a lot of sales. I've just done Traci Bautista's workshop and have her book and dvd, she really is the colour guru, I love her work.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Happy belated birthday - great presents! I have the Painted Qilt book too.

Aussie Jo said...

Happy birthday Sharon, and what lovely presents. I love the books.