Tuesday, 20 May 2008


Well as you can see I couldn't get my OH to leave the garden to do the draw for my 100th post, so I had to go out to him. He insisted on posing in front of the new ladies in his life, 7 hens, and of course the dog had to be in on the act too! I think he thought he might be in for another egg!! We only got them on Friday and already they've superseded me in the pecking order LOL.

Anyway, Val was the winner, so I will be sending off your goodie bag next week, when the exhibition is over and I can get my life back!

Just had to show you a pic of our first clutch of eggs.


Julie said...

Congratulations to Val! :)

How lovely - your own eggs! I used to collect the eggs at my aunt's farm about thirty-blurrrr years ago- oops that should be forty-blurrrrrr years ago!

I hope the weekend goes really well for you.

Doreen G said...

Lucky Val and lucky you all those googy eggs and a good looking man there as well.

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Are you heading for the 'Good Life' here. What's next??

Sue Smith said...

Wow! It must be the time to get chooks. My nephew, Sean has just got some new pet chooks too. I'll have to post some pics on my blog for you to see. He's also just got a pet rabbit and guine pig, too. Apparently he loves watching them.
I hope you're getting it all together for the exhibition! I'm sure it will be amazing!