Friday, 3 October 2008

Being a tourist

Last weekend we had the pleasure of playing host to a lovely internet friend who came over to the UK all the way from Portland, in Oregon USA.

As she is a member of the Photo Café frequented by my OH, he set up a meeting in the South for those members who live within the area. I'm not a member of the Café but got to go along for the fun of it.

We started our tour on Saturday at the Abbotsburry Swannerery. This is not a hospital for sick swans, as I thought, but an ancient breeding farm set up in the 1040's by Benedictine monks as a source of food for lavish banquets.

I don't suppose anyone still eats them today , but that doesn't stop them thinking they need to eat as much as possible in as short a time as they can.

I liked this shot as a pattern inspiration with their lovely neck shapes, you don't often see so many together.

I was amazed to see this information sign explaining how Anna Pavlova and her troup rehearsed with the swans for Swan Lake. Maybe it was more of a publicity stunt at the time. I prefer to think she really did want to study how they behaved and moved.

Of course I couldn't let the opportunity slip by for some pattern/texture shots.

This wonderful fungus was just begging to be photographed.

On Sunday we took a trip to Arundlel to see the castle. It's a beautifully preserved castle with an amazing history that the guides are only too happy to explain if you're interested.

I was a bit surprised to be confronted with these beasties on our way in.

But later in the day I was rewarded with this beautiful piece of sheer inspirational magic.

And this one was just one of those lucky shots, doesn't often happen.

On Monday we went London and as our guest had done the usual sights on a previous visit we went to Camden Lock. As part of my present C&G module I need to look at architectural grids and rooftops, and so I was delighted to find these pics.

I also noticed these amazing fashion designs outside one of the little Camden boutiques.

And finally I couldn't resist snapping this brilliant reflection as we drove past.


Julie said...

Beautiful and intriguing photographs Sharon. I particularly like the King and Queen and the grid. We passed a building in either Innsbruck or Salzbourg that had a grid in front. I could mail you a copy if you would like? (Although maybe you prefer to work from your own photos?)

Aussie Jo said...

Wonderful photos Sharon. I love the light on those statues.
At the moment I'm restricted to indoor shots as the camera is overexposing all outside pictures. Time to get a new camera.

hippopip said...

Great `photos Sharon, the swans are beautiful and the building grid is so colourful

Pat said...

Great set of photographs Sharon, I first "saw" the fungi as lace seeing the brown spots as holes and then when I realised the picture changed completely. Fascinating. I should think the cygnets from our golf club which were taken to the sanctuary when their parents disappeared have plenty of company now.

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

A great time was had by all it seems.
The last photo has great potential.

Françoise said...

Beautiful pictures Sharon.
The fungus looks like some kind of Indian bread...
Love the grid and roof pictures too.

Debbi Baker said...

Wow Sharon - your photography (and the things you find to photograph!) is amazing!! What a great post. Glad to hear you are having so much fun.

Ro Bruhn said...

Great photos and look at those fashions. Glad to see you had some blue sky too.