Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Final piece

I've now begun my final piece for module 5:
The starting point for this was to make a continuous line drawing of the three corners of one of the rooms in your house. I chose our studio, surprise, surprise!! And the final drawing was taken from my OH's corner as he has so much more stuff than me, so it made quite a good study.

Because the original idea was to make a long thin wrapping cloth I elongated the design in the computer to fit a rectangular shape.

We then had to trace all the individual shapes, number them and then cut them out. This was so we could trace them onto pieces of textured or painted paper that would reflect the colours used in Aftican art and textiles.

My final composition turned out quite well but I was a bit worried that it was too busy. At this point I had decided to make a protective runner for my sewing table, so I set about working a design, on the computer, to fit the shape, using the dark BG of the table I photographed the design on as a foil.

Having decided that this was a bit heavy I looked into ways of manipulating the image in PS and came up with this idea using the stamp filter.

After having a tutorial with my tutor today we decided that in the interest of what was required for the course that it would be better to make this piece the wall hanging with the integrated hanging divise, so here are some variations on the original design idea, I'd be very interested to know which one you think works the best.


Aussie Jo said...

It's fantastic the way you document the process you have been through Sharon. I think all those pieces work well, but I prefer the middle one. I love the figure you've managed to get out of the design.

Helen Suzanne said...

what an interesting project. I like the monotone effect of the stamp filter... but for the hanging I'm most drawn to the top one of the three images.

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

I have come back to these three times now and change my mind each time so I'm no help at all.
I did have green eye when I saw your OH's twin monitors. So tempted but space!!!!!!!
You are making inroads into the course now so keep it up.

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

Interesting post Sharon -
ummmm - I will think on it!

Julie said...

My first instant reaction was the final arrangement. The more I think about it the less I'm sure. The first arrangement has a lot of variety to it and does give the eye plenty of interest.

hippopip said...

I love the composition n the bottom design,it looks like an abstract of boats on water,but the layout in the first one is so original,so I am not any help.I was quite shocked to hear about Julia,I had not known that she was unwell and still young

Cait said...

I like the watery feel of the bottom one too, but prefer the unusual layout of the top one - so I'm not much help either! Love the description of your journey to get there.