Friday, 31 October 2008

Pumpkins and pressies

It's that time of year again!
I had my GS Ben over for the day today after quite a long break and we had a great day playing around in the kitchen and the studio.

First job was to make the rice crispy cakes for the "trick or treaters' visits tonight. We just about had enough chocolate after Ben had eaten his share of it! Oh, and the mixture of course as he was making them.

Then we had to set to carving the pumpkin which good old Granddad had managed to find at the local farm shop after all the supermarkets had sold out. Don't you just love the quirky smile Ben carved on his face!! I thought they were meant to look scary.

After all that hard work we decided to retreat to the garden studio so that Ben could at last make a start on the graffiti wall I promised him in a moment of weakness, after he had enjoyed using my airbrush in the summer holidays.

He made a great start with this very graphic design, I think I'm going to enjoy having a wall dedicated to his very individual style. You may have notice something red lurking amongst the teasels. Well this is Ben's first attempt at using tyvek, I think it's rather inventive.

We had a great day together and I was pleased that he'd encouraged me to get back into the garden studio and make some mess, it felt really good.

And now to my pressies that I received in the post last week. I'm a bit belated in posting them but life has been somewhat hectic as usual.

A while ago I sent Jacqueline a tub of PVA glue as she couldn't find it for sale in Holland. Despite my remonstrations Jacqueline was determined to send me something in return and this delightful hand made book, featuring images of some of her work is what she sent me. The hand made paper is wonderful and it's so nice to have a pictorial reference of some of her work to drool over.

In the same post was this lovely little ATC, my first in fact, so I will have to get my head round making one in return, my experiece to date only extends to PC's.


Aussie Jo said...

I Love that pumpkin with attitude. In Australia we call your rice crispy cakes 'chocolate crackles'.
I'm still working on assignments, need to be all finished by mid November and I can get back to some fun stitching then.

Aussie Jo said...

P.S. I also love that book and ATC. The ATC looks like a map of Tasmania!

Ro Bruhn said...

I didn't realise you celebrate halloween in the UK, we never used to when I was a child. We're a bit slow over here and it's only started to catch on in the last few years.

Françoise said...

Beautiful little handmade book. Lucky you!
I like Ben's gentle looking jack o lantern. We didn't get any "trick or treat" visitor last night.. First time in many years.

Julie said...

I love the idea of Ben's graffiti wall. I hope he's going to let you share. The pumpkin looks great and what a wonderful flower.

Jacquelin's book is beautiful. She's a very talented lady.

hippopip said...

Ben must take after his talented Grandma, how old is he? his air brushing is better than mine if its not all clogged up I should get it out and practise